15 Most Brilliant Things To Do With Overripe Bananas



– Polishing your shoes is not always effective when we use the usual method, and of course, we can’t always take our shoes to specialists. The best way to do it is by keeping an overripe banana at your bag to save the day. Just rub the white side of your banana peel around your shoes. However, make sure the peel is yellow, not yet brown.

– Have you ever thought you overripe banana can be your best low-cost natural wood polisher? Just put a little piece of your banana on the wooden surface, clean it with a microfiber cloth, and you will see how shiny it will get.

– Removing ink stains from the skin is one of the hardest things to do, especially if it is your kids’ skin. Well, the banana peels are considered to be excellent, instant stain removers. Just rub the white side on the stains and it will easily come off.

– To make sure you are not over-drying your roast, put a brown banana peel on your meat before you place it in the over. It will make sure your meal doesn’t lose too much juice. Take the peel off five minutes before your meat is cooked.

– If you have bought fruits or vegetables that are still not ready to be eaten, put them in a plastic bag with a ripe banana, and in 24 hours, they will be ready to consume. Thanks to a hormone bananas release called ethylene, it will cause fast ripening to your foods.



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