Are You Fed Up With Your Messed Up House? Read The Solution

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We all want our house to look and be clean, tidy and organized. No one likes to live in a mess surrounded by junk from everywhere.

But there are times when you are too busy to run your cleaning campaign, either because things go simply out of control and you are working on a major project, or you are preparing for your finals to get a degree.

When you have kids around, the situation is even worse. They will simply add insult to the injury. Of course, they will not stay put in one of place, which makes even cleaning while they are around a hard mission.

What would you do then? First of all, you cannot do any cleaning without kicking everyone out or locking them in a room. Only then, you can set about your cleaning campaign, but how and where would you start from?

If your house is literally in a total mess, you really need some planning. Once you finish reading this article, you will have a clear idea about how things would go.

Put everything back to its place


Every professional cleaner knows that the secret of a house organization is putting everything back to its original place. It might be a tiresome task, but it is an inevitable part of your daily household chores.

Perhaps, if you opt for something like home shelving systems, you can place all objects in given places in a pretty tidy way. This could be the best way to organize your home. Next time, when you will be looking for anything, you will easily find it yourself or be guided to a given place.

Place plastic wrap on your kitchen cabinets


Your daily house chores may not have an end until and unless you figure out ways to reduce the cleaning campaigns that you have to do every week. With simple tricks, you can save the time and efforts which you would spend on cleaning places like kitchen cabinets.

Such places accumulate grease; this involves also shelves and backlash. Consider covering your payless kitchen cabinets with uline plastic wrap ( blue stretch wrap will also do). This way, whenever you want to clean your affordable custom cabinets, you can simply remove the wrap and replace with another.


Put your home cleaning products in one place+ House cleaning during short breaks

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Some people just go crazy when they see things scattered here and there. The lack of organization and messy places drive them mad. This could be perceived as one level of paranoia. But sometimes, a mess is just too much to be borne.

Your home cleaning products should be kept in one place; a basket where you can put your cleaning gloves, OxiClean detergent, anti-static spray, and other products.

Plus, try to carry on your cleaning during the short breaks that you take after working for hours on other major projects. This is in a way multi-tasking which enables you to do the cleaning and save your time.

Use anti-static spray to get rid of dust


Not cleaning your home appliances and gadgets for quite a while means a lot of accumulated dust will be found on these surfaces. To clean them, you need time and good cleaners. It is preferable though to leave the dust-cleaning task as the last activity on the daily task’s list.

Proceed first with organizing your home to move to the next step: surface cleaning. The best way to clean your electronic appliances is by using a paper towel and best anti-static spray you can get. Using an anti-static spray is an excellent decision because techno-devices’ screens are quite fragile and sensitive to any liquids or human contact.

A 15-minute-waiting period before adding detergent while cleaning a dirty surface

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Sometimes, professional cleaning is not just a question of the sort of home cleaning products you are going to use, but rather the way you use these products. Each of the latter comes with an instructions’ paper, indicating how and how much to use.

To illustrate this, let us take the example of surfaces’ cleaning. Just like professional tile cleaning, you need to put the detergent, wait for 10 to 15 minutes before you start cleaning and scrubbing.

This is how you are going to ensure the removal of all the dirt. The scrubbing will not take long because dirt will be already softer and wet. During that 10 or 15 minutes, you can draw your attention to another house cleaning activity.


Identify the cleaning days

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If you arrange everything in your life, starting from your priorities to your secondary responsibilities, you will be able to live at ease. Cleaning should be also included in the planning.

We all know that during the working hours of the week no time is left for something like cleaning. Yet you can schedule your house chores to perform them during a specific day(s).

It is preferable though to not do all the cleaning all at once. To illustrate, you can do laundry on Tuesday, clean your bathroom in Thursday, do your furniture cleaning on Monday, buy groceries and do shopping on Friday, and dust and vacuum your house on Saturday.

Define how many things can you keep in order


Have you ever heard of something called ‘edge of messiness’? This is the definition of your capability or your family’s to keep given things in order.

As a matter of fact, everybody seems to have his or her own edge; there are few things and objects that can be kept in their own places. The problem is that the bigger the number of these objects becomes, the messier your house becomes.

In case your edge is low, then you need to get rid of few objects that you don’t need. Grab a big box and pack it with anything that you no longer want to have around. Next, assign places to the objects that you really need and want exclusively.

Throw away 20 or 30 things every month

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We know that many among you like to have collections of everything; mugs, magazines, skirts, paper bags, spoons, vases, curtains, small toy boxes, and many more things. But do you really need all this stuff?

The answer is likely no; you just have this have the habit of accumulating and storing things. Set a campaign every month to remove all the stuff you don’t need. Try to get rid of 20 to 30 things each month.

Your house will be tidy, clean and organized. Having so many things around is just going to give the messy look to your living room and the rest of your household. Take a plastic bag or a box and toss in all the old stuff you got.


Use containers for each member of your family


This is another way of keeping things under control. Each member of your family is supposed to have his or her own box where personal stuff should be placed.

This is also a way to teach your folks how to be responsible for collecting their own stuff, otherwise, you are just going to toss them away.

Things like cards, keys, telephone, and the likes are perfect to be put in such containers. It is way better than leaving things scattered here and there and keep looking in the mess for your car keys.

Divide old things into groups and get rid of them


While you are enjoying your collection of summer skirts and winter jackets, there are people who have absolutely nothing to wear. So instead of storing clothes that you don’t even wear in your closet, you can divide them into groups to get rid of them on separate days during the week.

How? Take them to a charity house where people need all sorts of help or put them in given bins. Each group will be dedicated to a specific thing; 1st group for dresses, 2nd group for socks, 3rd group for pants, etc. You will have more space in your closet for newer stuff.

Special boxes for things


During the cleaning process, it is useful to keep a box or basket in your hand, where you can place things that you will return to their places. It is much better than putting things back separately, going back and forth from one room to another.

Think always strategically of ways to economize time and effort. As we have already mentioned, start by taking each thing to its assigned place, then start the scrubbing and cleaning.

Prepare a list of things you are considering to get rid of while cleaning. So you can arrange, organize, put back and get rid of things at the same time.

Forget about the spontaneous mess


Sometimes, spontaneous mess gives an interesting outlook to your house, yet it is not always so. A lot of families have this ritual of placing anything they have at hand on the kitchen table.

Here you can find all kinds of unexpected things, which should be elsewhere like meds, toy, pens, OxiClean laundry detergent, powerful cleaner for windows, books, etc. But if you have assigned places for each of these things, you will not suffer from such a mess.

Moreover, try to teach your family some basics of living in a tidy place. You can ask one of your kids, for instance, to put back the books to the shelf in the study room and take the toys to a special drawer and so on.

Do you think that these tips are authentic and practical? Tell us how in a comment below!



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