Last Updated on March 5, 2021

So you think cleaning products are cheap? Depending on how big is your family and how often you clean your home, you will be surprised. In fact, it’s estimated that the average family spends around $600a year on cleaning supplies. So if you really sit down and do the math, you’ll realize that you spend quite a fortune on cleaning products if, let’s say, you clean your house on a weekly basis (which you should!). You seriously don’t have to spend too much money on cleaning products when you have all you need in the kitchen — from baking soda to salt and more. You can give your house deep-cleaning and even restore some damaged parts or prevent damage from happening altogether with these simple home remedies. Try these home cleaning hacks for a better-looking home!  1. Baking soda for mold If sunlight doesn’t reach all parts of your home or live somewhere like the UK, mildew becomes your home buddy. Mildew, or mold, starts to grow in damp and unventilated areas and can trigger an allergic reaction, causing sneezing, runny nose, itchiness, and even shortness of breath. Wear a face mask and start mixing baking soda and water, put them in a bottle, and spray the solution on moldy areas on the wall or floor. Leave the solution for up to 10 minutes and scrub the area thoroughly with a brush. Try again as many times as you can; you will destroy the mold and restore the fresh look of your home, but most importantly, you will no longer be short of breath! 2. Salt & boiling water for clogged sink Does your kitchen sink always seem to be swimming in the water? You can just get that plunder out. But first, use some water with salt and pour it directly into the drain.  But don’t forget to check if the problem is not from the drain but actually from a clogged garbage disposal. A clogged garbage disposal can stop up the drain and prevent water from going down. Run hot water to make sure, and if it still does not work, open the garbage disposal and remove any food debris. 3. Toothpaste for rust stains 


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