10 of the Most Creative and Reliable Uses for a Rubber Band

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There must have been a time when you found yourself holding a rubber band in your hand and wondering, “What use could I find for this elastic little thing?” Indeed they are little things, but they’re not only elastic, they are very useful as well.

Inside the house, for example, a rubber band, be it a small rubber band or a big one, can be used to fix a number of things that you probably have never conceived of these rubber band applications before reading this. Now, you are more curious than ever to read about them and maybe try them as soon as possible.

Stick through this article to know in detail about the 10 things in your house that you can fix using only a rubber band. They are flexible as they are elastic—no pun intended.




Remove a Stripped Screw


It happens: you’ve been trying to finish a DIY project and you accidentally stripped a screw. Fortunately, removing is easy, if you’re willing to go unconventional, and not as annoying as looking at where the stripped screw is. The process is very easy.

Take a rubber band of whatever size and shape and place it over the stripped screw. Take a screwdriver, put it over the rubber band, and push. Then start turning the screwdriver slowly until the stripped screw starts turning.



Stop Candles from Wobbling

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You’ve made the mistake—again!—of buying very thin candles and now they won’t sit still in your candle holder, and it’s driving you crazy. Don’t worry; a few rubber bands can fix the issue for you.

Take two or three rubber bands and wrap them tightly around the lower end of your candles. This will increase the circumference of the candle and will allow it to stay put once you put it in the candle holder and not wobble anymore. But remember to buy thicker candles next time!



Remove Excess Paint From a Brush

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You’re painting your room, and for obvious reasons you want the paint to go on the walls and not on the floor. However, when you bring the paintbrush for the paint bucket, it tends to drip all over. There is a solution for this, and yes, it involves a rubber band.

Take a wide rubber band a wrap it around the paint bucket vertically. It will create a horizontal line which you can use to wipe the excess paint away from the brush after you dip it into the paint.



Make Glue


If there’s no glue around the house, and there’s no way you could go out and buy it, then rubber bands are your friends. Take a few of them, the amount will vary based on how much glue you will need, and melt it down until it becomes a liquid.

The liquid, you’ll notice, has adhesive properties and can help you glue things together around the house. You need, however, to consider safety while doing this, because burning the rubber bands produces fumes.



Open a Stubborn Jar Lid

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Ladies, you can do it yourselves, you don’t have to call your husband to open that stubborn jar for you. Also, don’t waste any time trying to get it open by banging on the bottom of the jar.

The one thing that will help you open it is friction, and rubber bands are a great source for that. Take a rubber band and wrap it tightly around the lid. Then start turning the lid. You will be amazed at how quickly the lid will start to turn.



Insulate Electrical Wires

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