10 Summer Life Hacks And Tips That Guarantee You A Fun Season

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When we think about summer, we think about summer jobs, summer dresses, and the scene of ice cream makers everywhere on the street. Summer means fun, that is why in this article we will introduce you to many tips and life hacks that guarantee to add joy to your season.

Some of the entries in our list are related to summer food, and they will show you how you can prepare some summer treats in easier and more convenient ways; while other entries will show you how to have more fun and enjoy water games and other water activities.

As you read through, you’d realize that some of the things that you thought can leave a big mess behind could be done in neater ways with some simple steps. For instance, we will show you how you can have your club soda or Jamba juice float with you in the pool with only a 20-minute work.




Freezer Pops


If you have a deep freezer, chest freezer, upright freezer, or any other type of freezers you can make delicious freezer pops for you and your family.

The problem is that many people store their freezer pops on their side, which can leave room for many air pockets. So unless you have a small freezer that won’t fit, make sure that you store the pops upright.

This way you’ll be able to use every inch of the space in the small plastic bag and you’ll have clean results every time.



Cutting Corn

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When you are trying to make a corn casserole or corn salad, you always find difficulties to cut the corns, but not anymore. Cutting corns doesn’t have to be a dangerous and messy task if you knew how to do it the smart way.

First, place your corn in the center of an upside-down bundt cake pan. Then, choose a sharp knife from your knife set and cut down the sides of the corn. Keep on rotating the corn until you cut all the sides, and then use the back of your knife to squeeze all the juices left on it.



Cookies And Ice Cream


People love chocolate chip cookies and love ice cream, so how about making an irresistible combination of both of them? First, you need to learn how to make ice cream at home with the help of the various ice cream recipes online, then find a cookie dough recipe that you like and let’s start making some magic.

Start by preparing the cookie dough and splitting the batch into two equal portions. Then, bring parchment paper and roll out the first portion over it with a rolling pin. Cut the portion in circles while making sure they are slightly bigger than the bottom of the holes of your muffin tin.

Put the remaining dough as small blobs on the top of the upside-down muffin tin cups, and cover the bottom of each cup forming a bowl.

Put them in your freezer for 5-10 minutes and then bake them in the oven for an appropriate period. When everything is ready, you can put your ice cream on your bowl and you’ll have a magical combination.



Noodle Beverage Boat


Many people don’t really know what pool noodles are for, and in this part, we will show you one of the many uses of these underestimated items.

In the wet hot American summer, we all enjoy spending a day in the pool, and for more relaxation, you need to learn how to make a noodle beverage boat. It is pretty easy; get a Styrofoam pool noodle and one of the rectangular plastic containers in your kitchen.

Then, measure the sides of the container and cut the noodle accordingly. Cut the noodles into 4 pieces and thread some twine through the middle of each piece. Makes sure you secure the pieces of the noodles so that the final result is a rectangular shape that can keep the container floating.



Watermelon Pops

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There are many ways that people may suggest to cut watermelon using a kitchen knife, a butcher knife, or a chef knife; and some of them actually work. In this part, we will show you how to cut your watermelon appropriately to make watermelon pops.


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