10 Things You Are Forbidden To Dump Down Your Drain

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Sometimes there are simple things that we do that can lead to huge problems in the future. When we are cooking or using the bathroom, there are habits that we adopt that we think there is nothing wrong with them, but the result becomes an unfortunate clogged shower drain and kitchen drain.

Hence, you will end up spending a fortune on clean drains plumbing. One of the main problems when we are cooking or taking a shower is laziness, it gets harder to clean everything off your sink and clear every piece of food or hair.

Therefore, the easiest thing to do is turning the tap and letting the water take care of everything.

As you read through this article, you will be surprised by how many mistakes we do in the kitchen and bathroom. We are not here to judge you, and we are all guilty of pouring things down the drain that we are not supposed to.

Grease, oil, and fats


The first reason you may need drain repair services is dumping grease, oil, and fats down your drain. Doing so is responsible for a number of kitchen sink drain plumbing calls.

This is why when you pour oily substances in your pipes, they end up building up and trapping other particles that may go through your drainage system, so you will end up having a clogged drain pipe.

The reason why you will have to call a clear drain plumbing specialist is that oil is very hard to wash away, especially that it doesn’t mix well with water. So removing it becomes harder.


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Toilet drain repair, tub drain repair, and other types of bathroom drain dilemmas are all due to this. Hair is one of the biggest problems that cause clogged drain lines, and people who spend a lot of time trying to unclog sewer drain and free it from clumps know what I am talking about.

The reason why hair can cost you money by hiring plumbing drain services is that it balls up to make a nasty entity that also catches everything falling into your drain. And if you try to clear your blocked sewer drain by yourself, it will take you ages, and you may not do it effectively.



Many people think that the same way medicine dissolves inside our bodies, it will dissolve inside the sink too. However, this is far from being true. Medicine can make your sewer pipe clogged because it is meant to be dissolved by stomach acid and not water.

Therefore, you’ll end up having medication in the elbow of your drain that will not be broken for a long time. And then, who are you going to call?!! Drain cleaner contractors!!

Also, when you toss your medication in the drain, it may end up reaching the sea and hurting fish and other forms of wildlife.


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This is an unexpected reason that can make you keep the drain snaking service’s number at hand. People drain flour thinking it is just powder. Well, no! Don’t even think about it! And please think twice before doing so.

Let me tell you why: when you want to bake with flour, what do you mix it with? Exactly, water. And when flour and water are mixed together they make a dough.

So, when that dough gets hard, it can block water from flowing down the drain. Even worse, even if you bought the strongest drain cleaner, it won’t help in getting rid of the problem.


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Pasta is delicious and fun, but it won’t be so fun when you are cleaning your sink drain. That’s the reason why you’d better take a minute to clear all the leftovers from your plate before you wash it.

This way, you won’t have to ring a drain cleaning company, that won’t be fun. Pasta is flour based; therefore, it has a tendency to form a nasty and sticky clog. Also, be careful when you are dealing with rice because it can dry into hard blocks and form a glue-like entity that can clog your drain.



In this case, plumbing drain cleaning services are kind of inevitable. Let me tell you why: when you wash your seeds and let them go through the drain, you think that these harmless tiny entities won’t clog your drain, but it is a huge mistake.

When you open-clean sewer pipes, you will notice that the elbow of your drain is becoming a garden. That’s because some seeds have the ability to expand everywhere.

Also, many people have a clogged toilet drain because they think that the toilet drain is big enough to let anything go through it, but you will be risking having the same problem.


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Another way you can avoid having emergency drain services over is by not letting your eggshells down the drain. Although it is rarely the case when people do that, you may feel lazy sometimes and let everything go down the drain.

What you need to be aware of is that eggshells can clump together when they get wet and can clog your pipes. In addition, don’t keep the eggshells on the surfaces of your kitchen because they have a tendency to stick up to these surfaces, and they will not be easy to clean. So exempt yourself from sink drain repair and toss the shells in the garbage.

Cigarette butts

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We are not talking here about how much cigarettes are bad for you, we are talking about how much they are bad for your sink. When you are smoking, do not put the butts in your sink.

This is wrong for so many reasons: for a start, cigarette butts have filters, and these filters have a tendency to expand and absorb the water that will flow down your drain.

In addition to that, these filters do not dissolve due to the materials they are made from. So smoking doesn’t only hurt your body, it also costs you money spent on drain cleaning plumber.

“Flushable” products

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Clogged drain plumbers always report that many of the things that they find are those promoted as ‘flushable.’ Baby wipes, cat litter and everything that we call flushable are far from being so.

This may seem strange to you, but the reason why flushable products can leave you in need of drain plumbing is that they are liquid traps, which means they are absorbents.

In addition to that, when you flush wipes, you may be risking having waxy substances that can sit in your drain and clog your toilet. Therefore, you will be a very famous client of the local blocked drains plumber.

Paper towels

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If you haven’t been through this situation, you may have heard about someone who went through it. While doing your number two in the bathroom, you may notice that there are no toilet papers left. No biggy, you can use paper towels instead since they are the same and can be flushed down the toilet.

Even though this may seem like a reliable solution, you will be guarantying that you will call one of the plumbing companies near you. Towel papers ball up and can lead to a complete and instant clog. Therefore, try to look if there is any toilet paper before starting your business.


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