10 Times you shouldn’t Use Clorox Disinfecting Wipes


Clorox wipes are a must-have in every household – they always come in handy when you need to disinfect surfaces, and they are super convenient since you can take them with you everywhere, on your car, or even in your purse. However, there are certain situations when the use of Clorox wipes is not recommended, and you may not be aware of some of them, but don’t worry, this article is going to keep you out of trouble.
Here are the ten times you should avoid using Clorox disinfecting wipes.

1. Don’t use them on your skin

This one is pretty much common sense, but just in case someone needs a friendly reminder, here it is: Clorox wipes are dangerous for your skin, so you should never use them. This product is designed to clean and disinfect hard surfaces, so you should never, under any circumstances, use them on your skin, your children’s skin, or even your pet. There are appropriate disinfectant wipes tested by dermatologists to suit this purpose, while Clorox wipes will cause skin irritation. Be careful.

2. Clorox wipes are not the best cleaner for granite countertops

While Clorox disinfecting wipes can be quite practical to clean and disinfect various surfaces in your kitchen, they should not be used as a cleaner for granite countertops. Granite is the kind of stone that looks very elegant in a kitchen, but because it’s a porous material, it needs to be sealed for extra protection. Clorox wipes can be too strong, and if you use them constantly, they might end up destroying the sealant layer, and with it all the charm and elegance of your granite countertops.

3. Do not use Clorox wipes to disinfect dishes

Using Clorox wipes to clean off your dishes might sound tempting and time effective, but it is something you should never do. These wipes contain several chemicals that can be quite harmful when ingested, so you should never use them to clean anything where you might put food or drinks, or even disinfect kitchen utensils you may touch with your mouth.

4. Avoid cleaning your glasses with Clorox wipes

You have a lot of alternatives when it comes to cleaning your glasses – proper lens wipes, a soft cloth, glass cleaning spray. But if you are out of options, Clorox wipes are not going to save you. This product, as we have mentioned before, is filled with chemicals that might cause mild irritation if they come in contact with your eyes. If you don’t have any of the prementioned products at home, you can clean your glasses with running water and let them dry.

5. Don’t clean your sofa with these products

You should never use Clorox wipes to clean upholstered surfaces, like your mattress or your couch, for example. These wipes have a high alcohol concentration, which may end up staining your fabrics or even fading them. It’s better to use an appropriate product to avoid the risk of ruining a nice piece of furniture.

6. Cleaning untreated wood with Clorox wipes is not a good idea

If you are a crafty person who enjoys DIY projects with wood, you should know that Clorox wipes should never be used to clean up untreated wood. If you want to use them to disinfect finished pieces, that’s fine, but unpainted or untreated wood is quite porous, and using these wipes to clear off the dusty particles can leave behind a nasty stain.

7. Cleaning leather is also not advised

If your car has leather seats or if you own a leather couch, Clorox wipes are not an ideal alternative to clean them up. Leathery surfaces have natural oils that make them look good and shiny, and the alcohol from Clorox wipes can damage the leather, causing it to look stiff and dry.

8. Don’t use it to clean your clothes

If you suffer a spilling accident during your meal and you have Clorox wipes in your purse, keep them there. Like we have mentioned before, the compounds on these wipes may cause skin irritation, so you should never use them on fabrics that will come in close contact with your skin, or in any fabrics in fact, as it might stain them and cause permanent damage to perfectly good pieces of clothing.

9. Don’t clean your pet’s bowls

The National Sanitation Foundation has stated that your pet’s food bowl holds the 4th spot in the list of germiest places in your home. And even though Clorox wipes are famous for effectively eliminating 99,9% of the germs present on surfaces, they are filled with chemicals that can be hazardous when ingested. They are not safe to clean the dishes you eat from, and they are not safe to clean your pet’s food or water bowl, either.

10. Don’t use the same wipe on multiple surfaces

Yes, Clorox wipes are effective, and yes, Clorox wipes are convenient, but if you use them to clean one surface, you shouldn’t use that same wipe to clean a different surface, as you might end up spreading the germs across multiple surfaces instead of killing them.


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