10 Unexpected Hacks With Pads That Will Make Your Life Easier

Last Updated on March 15, 2019

Women were introduced to their first ever sanitary pads in the 4th century CE. Little they know that in 2019, we will be using them a lot more different than their purpose. Today, there is no household that doesn’t have pads stored at home from previous months and for any sudden and unexpected period appearance.

Pads contain a specific material that is designed to absorb liquids and store it while keeping the outside layer soft and dry for the woman’s comfort… and to be handy for many great uses.

Even if you are not a big fan of pads and you prefer wearing tampons, then it is okay because you will have now plenty of them to take advantage of around the house.

Well, they might be a little unusual, but who cares if they are extremely helpful. If you are interested, then here is a list of 10 unexpected hacks with pads that will make your life easier.


Screen Cleaning

© brightside

Dust, sweat, sunscreen, makeup, and oils from your skin… all of these things get on your phone’s screen and keep on building till they create something disgusting. Pads and pantyliners have a material that’s super soft and delicate, which can be a good alternative to screen wipes. You can add one drop of water to the pad, and then clean your device.

Drawer freshener

© LittleThings

Do you want your drawers to smell better? Then pads and panty liners can help you with that!

Just spray your favorite perfume on one of them, and then place it in the drawer between your clothes, underwear, and towels. You can also use your favorite essential oil by placing a few drops on the pad.

High heels

© zelfmaak-ideetjes.nl

If high heels are your favorite shoes to wear, then you may have already experienced sweaty feet during warm days that are sliding or sticking inside the shoe. Well, the solution is very simple as long as you don’t feel weird out about it: insert a panty liner inside the shoe and it will absorb the moisture. Don’t worry, it will not be invisible!

Against corns

© Showgrounds Village Podiatry

Everyone has that one pair of shoes that look amazing, stylish, and very cool but they keep giving us corns and blisters. These simple issues cannot stop up from wearing our favorite shoes anymore because, easily, we can cut a few strips from the pantyliner and put them where we experience discomfort and pain… and the secret will forever be ours!

Shoe smell

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