11 Of The Craziest Car Hacks That Actually Work

Craziest Car Hacks That Actually Work© Pinterest

Since I got my driving license, and I have been using old, smelly cars for years until I was finally able to purchase my very first new car. My old “old” cars were well loved and appreciated unconditionally, but sometimes, they would put me in situations where I have to figure out things in order to reach my destination.

I will admit that I am the master of figuring things out without having to lose much time and money on them. So I have had some not-so-smart hacks to just keep me rolling, and some of these hacks I am not proud of at all, which is why I thought it would be a good idea to share some of other people’s hacks with the world because, why not? And spoiler alert, some of them are really not worth the try.

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