11 Useful Old School Tricks For Excellent House Cleaning

Last Updated on March 8, 2019

Whole house cleaning is one of the most tiresome chores. What’s more stressful is not to deep clean the house, but to maintain a clean house. Sometimes we even give up on cleaning when we realize that there are too many things to clean around the house.

So we end up calling professional domestic cleaning services for help. Despite all the effort you expend into cleaning your house, you may be still asking questions such as, why can’t I keep my house clean? What should I do to keep the house clean and whether the professional housekeeping services do the same job that I would with the same caring?

We are here to tell you that going through a house cleanup shouldn’t be such a nightmare. In fact, you can do less effort and still maintain a clean home. What you should know is that excellent house cleaning is a matter of tips and tricks, not effort and sweat.


Salt For Cleaning Stoves

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Experts keep on stressing on the fact that you should always clean drops and splashes of food once they fall on the stove; because if these splashes got heated and then cold again, they would be a scrubbing nightmare.

Therefore, once you see a drop or splash, clean it and save time and energy. The best way to do so is to use salt and spread it on the surface of the stove; the salt will keep the splashes from being stuck to the stove.

Then, you may just collect them using a wet wipe and it all will be lean and clear. You may even use a vacuum cleaner to save more time collecting the slat.

Sharpening A Knife

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A knife sharpener is an essential item that should exist in every kitchen. Knives’ blades ware off with time, and the more you use the knife the less effective it becomes. However, if you happen not to have a knife sharpener in your kitchen, we have just the solution for you.

Take a porcelain plate and flip it upside down, then start rubbing the knife against its bezel. This method is effective in restoring some of the blade’s sharpness.

Quick Carrots Peeling

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Part of the reasons why we get frustrated during housework cleaning is wondering how can I clean my house and cook food at the same time? That’s why we keep the number of home cleanup services nearby. Cooking too can’t be such a burden if you know the easy way to do cooking tasks.

For example, if you spend a lot of time on carrots peeling, you should use a metal scrubber to do so. A metal scrubber is more effective than your ordinary carrots peelers, since it doesn’t eat up more of the carrot than they do, and it speeds up peeling more.

Breadcrumbs Making

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Breadcrumbs are a delight for many people. Some use them to make a crunchy case around ham croquet; others use them as layers for crunchy apple pudding.

In order to facilitate making breadcrumbs, put a piece of bread in the freezer, and then using a grater start grating the frozen piece; be careful since it’s easy to injure your fingers while doing so.

Also, don’t forget to select the most appropriate type of bread for there are many types that don’t suit making breadcrumbs; such as very soft bread that is intended for sandwiches.

Nails VS Rubber Gloves

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Sometimes, when you are doing some housekeeping cleaning using rubber gloves, you see your fingers starting to break free from rubber fingers. This is due to the sharpness of the nails that cut the plastic. It could be frustrating if you don’t have another pair or you use another pair that gets cut too.

So you just give up or get your hands dirty and even ruin your manicure. But there is an easy solution for this: take some cotton and put it into balls, then put the balls inside each rubber finger. This way you can be sure that your manicure will not be ruined and your gloves will be useful for future cleanups.

The Broken Eggs Dilemma

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