25 Etiquette Rules You Need to Know By Heart

Last Updated on March 8, 2019

Etiquette is about mutual respect and beautiful behaviors. Regrettably, many people think of etiquette rules as something unreal, shameful, and too classy to be part of their modern everyday life.

Actually, the rules of etiquette aren’t complicated at all. It simply means taking control of your emotions, having a neat appearance, and exerting common courtesy.
Continue reading to learn the etiquette rules which every self-respecting person need to know by heart.


Number 1

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1. If you want to eat out with someone and say, ’I invite you,’ it means you’re the one who’s going to pay for everything. But if you say ‘Let’s go to a restaurant,’ each person will pay for himself or herself. Also, a woman can agree if a man offers to pay.

2. You should always call before paying a visit. When someone visits you without prior notice, you might be sleeping, wearing a ridiculous bathrobe, crying, taking a shower, or having another guest. The point is, surprise visits are always annoying.

3. When in public, never place your phone on the table. This shows the importance of this electronic device and that you’re getting ready to avoid boredom or stop a conversation whenever you want by checking your social networks, making a call, or leveling up your favorite game.

4. If you’ll be texting all the evening or you’re currently addicted to using a mobile app, then don’t invite anyone out or go on a date.

5. A man should never carry a lady’s handbag for her, but he can offer to carry her coat in order to take it to the cloakroom.

Number 6

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6. When you’re walking down the street with someone and they stop to greet a person you’ve never let before, you should also greet them. And if you’re the one who met a person your companion doesn’t know, you should introduce them to one another.

7. Did you know that chopsticks aren’t the only proper way to eat sushi? Well, for instance, unlike women, it’s OK for men to use their hands to eat sushi.

8. You should never leave your home without making sure that your shoes are clean.

9. Avoid long, pointless phone calls. If you really want or need to talk to someone, meet with them in person and enjoy a real conversation.

10. If someone insults you, you should never behave aggressively as a reaction to the offense. You should be better than the offender and avoid sinking to their level. Just ignore them in the coldest way you can and leave.

Number 11

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11. When a man and woman are walking, he should always walk on her left-hand side, except if he is a military man. In this case, he would take the other side because he should be ready to salute.

12. Drivers should be extra careful when passing by puddles. It’s very immoral to splash water on pedestrians.


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