5 Unusual Uses Of Hand Lotion You’ll Be Shocked By!

Last Updated on December 11, 2019

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Hand creams or hand lotions are, well, for hands! They contain ingredients such as essential oils and herbs that soften and moisturize the dry, chapped skin on your hands, help heal damaged nails, etc.

It turns out that softening skin is only the main use of hand creams because these skincare products have other creative and unusual uses you probably didn’t expect—and that doesn’t involve using it on your feet or other parts of the body when you run out of foot cream, etc!

For example, you can actually use hand cream to style your hair or polish your shoes, and much more.

Here are the 5 unusual alternative ways to use hand cream and be one step ahead of everyone who hasn’t read about them yet!


#1 – Taming frizzy ends

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Did you know that you can use hand cream to smooth the stubborn split ends of your hair?

When it’s an emergency but you have no hair gel on you, hand cream will be there for you! Apply a small amount to your fingers and rub them together before applying the cream to the tips of your hair.

Don’t go overboard with using hand cream on your hair, unless you want it to look oily and unclean, and avoid applying it to your scalp.

#2 – Cleaning/Polishing shoes


Did something stain your favorite leather shoes? Try an effective and quick solution: hand cream.

First and foremost, dust and wipe your leather shoes with a dry cloth to avoid spreading the dirty when using the hand lotion.

Second, opt for an alcohol-free, scent-free hand lotion to not mess up the leather, apply a dab of the hand lotion to a cotton cloth and wipe away the stains.

What do you get? Clean and shiny pair of leather shoes that look newer than before!

#3 – Shaving legs

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