6 Tips On How To Shave Your Face The Right Way!

Maintaining a perfect shave is no easy task. It requires a lot of patience, the right shaving tools, a proper shaving technique, and time. Considering the average rate of growth of facial hair, most men need to shave twice a week to keep a nice and clean shave.

However, a large percentage of them end up doing it every day. Maybe the reason why long beards have become so fashionable in the last few years is that shaving is a lot of work.

Many men hate shaving because their skin reacts very badly to the aggressiveness of the blade. Although this can happen naturally to the most sensitive skins, in the vast majority of cases, it only happens when the man does something wrong along the shaving process.

But don’t worry, we are here to teach you everything you need to know to shave your face and not break out.

Without further ado, here’s how to properly shave your face(and a few common mistakes to avoid):



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