7 Dirty Places You Forget To Clean In Your House!

Last Updated on January 2, 2020

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People either see cleaning their house as a satisfying task or a boring one that they just want to go get over and done with quickly. There is no in-between!

But whether you dislike or enjoy cleaning, there are some unexpected dusty and dirty spots in your house that you could miss or forget about altogether. Those are the same parts of the house that only a clean freak wouldn’t miss which is definitely a skill that we should all learn!

After all, paying attention to details while doing house chores is important. And there is more to cleaning a kitchen than washing dishes, mopping the floor, or dusting kitchen cabinets, just like how there is way more to keeping your bedroom clean and tidy than changing bed sheets or folding your clothes!


#1 – Clean under the furniture

This one is easy! You don’t have to be a cleaning expert to know that you should clean underneath your bed and sofa because those places are basically home to debris, dust bunnies, hair, and spider webs.

Simply use a vacuum cleaner or dust cleaner to declutter under your furniture including under sofa cushions, coffee table and table braces, the bottom of chairs, and bed frames.

Cleaning underneath all of the furniture in your house can be quite challenging and tiring, but there is a way to do it without breaking a sweat: sweep with a dust wand first to drag out the contents underneath before using the vacuum and not the other way around!

Clean the underside of your furniture at least once in two months.

#2 – Clean the floor corners

When you sweep or mop the floor, do you make sure to touch the floor corners?

Floor corners are magnets for dirt, dust, and crumbs, especially if we’re talking about the kitchen floor.

To clean your floor properly, use a broom to sweep it entirely first before getting into the corners. If you find that the corners are dirtier than you expected, use an old toothbrush and floor detergent to scrub them and remove dirt.

Or, try natural and effective solutions like apple cider vinegar to whiten and disinfect the corners.

#3 – Clean door frames

Most of us tend to forget to clean the door frames in their house, simply because they’re hidden in plain sight and it’s just easy to forget about them! However, you’ll be shocked at how dirty and dusty doors can get, especially the top of the door frame.

Start by dusting your doors’ handles, top, hinges, and then their underside. Soak a towel or microfiber cloth in water and dish soap and wipe up and down the surface of the door to remove any stains.

Next, wipe with a dry towel to do the final touch and leave your door looking shiny and clean.

#4 – Clean the closet shelves & floor

If you’ve never cleaned your closet shelves, you’ll be surprised by the spider webs and dust under your pile of clothes!


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