7 Surprising Ways Hydrogen Peroxide Can Give You A Better Look

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Sometimes there are some products that really surprise us when it comes to their multiple functions. Hydrogen peroxide is one of the wonders of house cleaning that can exempt you from hours and hours of tiresome rubbing and scrubbing.

For some people out there who are already using it, you’ve known hydrogen peroxide toilet cleaner, hydrogen peroxide household cleaner, and hydrogen peroxide whitening abilities. However, have you ever thought that you can use this product on your body?

It may seem very risky to many people to apply hydrogen peroxide on their skin, but what they need to know is that it is very useful for various body problems, and can actually save them a lot of dollars on solution products.

In this article, we will introduce you to some of the most surprising uses of hydrogen peroxide on the body; whether they are on your skin, fingernails, or hair.

Fade Blemishes & Discoloration


Using peroxide to clean your face has proven effective. You can use an h2o2 cleaner to make acne scars more light as well as age spots. Hydroperoxide is also beneficial for other kinds of skin discolorization.

In order to use it properly, use a cotton pad and put a layer of peroxide on the spot you want to lighten, while making sure that the layer is a thin one.

Give it a chance to sit for around 10 minutes and then rinse with water. Over time, using this remedy will make your spots lighter and will not let them be as noticeable as before.

Treat Acne


Using hydrogen peroxide to clean acne can help you get rid of these annoying spots on your face. But first, you need to know exactly what acne is. These pimples show up on your face when bacteria, as well as excess oil, get stuck in your pores.

The hydrogen peroxide h2o2 can help you get rid of acne in two ways: first, it exempts you from using your hands to exfoliate the topmost layer of skin in order to expose new skin cells. Then, it assumes the role of a bacteria killer and takes care of the bacteria inside the pores.

Make sure you wash your face first before using a cotton pad to apply a bit of hydrogen peroxide disinfectant to acne-prone areas. Then make sure to follow up with a moisturizer.

Heels And Foot Odor


The hydrogen peroxide formula also helps in making your heels softer and getting rid of that annoying foot odor. It is also beneficial in taking care of many other foot issues.

Pour some hydrogen peroxide on the water making sure that the parts are equal, and then put everything in a foot bath. Put your feet in the mixture for around 10 min, and you get rid of the bacteria and make the feet’s skin softer.

This is really beneficial for people who are suffering from rough skin, and those who keep on wearing socks to hide their feet out of shame.

White Teeth


Hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening is one of the best solutions out there. It can make your teeth bright and give you an attractive smile. Moreover, a hydrogen peroxide whitening solution may exempt you from spending several dollars on trips back and forth to the dentist.

We all aspire to have that smile that we see on Hollywood movies and shows, but we think that we probably need to spend our entire fortune on dentists to get it. However, why not try this effective solution and share it with your friends and family who have teeth problems.

Clean Makeup Brushes

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Even if you are carrying out the most effective skincare routine, you are messing up with all your hard work if you don’t clean your make up brushes. When you have dirty makeup brushes, it means you have a magnet for grime and bacteria. These grime and bacteria can, unfortunately, clog up your pores.

If you are wondering how to clean with hydrogen peroxide, the answer is really simple. Take a small cup and fill it with water and hydrogen peroxide while making sure the parts are equal.

Then, soak the makeup brushes into the mixture and give them 5 minutes before rinsing them with clean water. Make sure you use a clean cloth to remove any remaining water and let them dry.

Brighten Discolored Nails

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There are some nail polishes on the market that may leave your fingernails with an orange or yellow hue. That’s why you need to be careful about wish products that suit you best.

However, in case you noticed such problems with your fingers, you can use hydrogen peroxide to make them bright and get rid of the colors issues. You simply need to take a cotton ball and soak it with this solution and then apply it to each affected nail.

Give it a few minutes to sit on the nail before rinsing clean. In the end, make sure to apply lotion or cuticle cream; since hydrogen peroxide may be harsh if you have sensitive skin.

Highlight Hair


Probably, hydrogen peroxide manufacturers weren’t expecting that we will use their products for a variety of things in the house and on our body. But this wonder compound is one of the greatest most beneficial things to keep in your home cleaning products basket.

Another surprising use of peroxide is to give you natural highlights on your hair. You simply need to bring a spray bottle and mix equal portions of water and hydrogen peroxide inside of it. Then, spray the mixture on a damp hair and give it a chance to dry; and enjoy the satisfying result.


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