8 Unexpected Ways To Lighten Up Your Underarms

Contemporary humans suffer from this society-induced fear of showing up with armpits that are less than perfect – and it’s a legitimate anxiety, of course. And even when you shave or wax your armpits, there is yet another scary armpit issue: dark underarms.

But what are the causes of dark armpits? Some people seem to think that a health condition causes this type of skin discoloration, but it’s not the case. Many factors contribute to this aesthetic issue, like sweating too much, using certain antidepressant medications, shaving without hydrating your skin, not allowing your armpits to breathe properly, and even the accumulation of dead skin cells.

Also, you may ask yourself, “do deodorants cause dark armpits”? And the answer is: it depends, but the ones that say “antiperspirant” on the label are surely more likely to do so.

Now that you know the many causes of dark armpits, you can start thinking about what can be done to solve this problem. In this article, we are going to explore how to get rid of dark underarms and how to lighten your armpits naturally.



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