9 Kitchen Appliances And Tools You Have Been Using The Wrong Way

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It is easy for us to fall under the impression that we know everything there is to know about our kitchens. After all, we’ve been cooking for too long, and some of us have even chosen the kitchen design that suits his or her needs.

However, in reality, there is a chance that we may be using stuff in our kitchens the wrong way the entire time; especially when it comes to the kitchen appliances.

In this article, we will introduce you to many things that you could be losing money on just because you were never told the right way to use them.

We will show you how kitchen knives, dishwashers, microwaves, blenders, and many other appliances could be used to serve other functions or be used in a different but proper way to expand their life span. So make sure you adopt the new habits and take care of your kitchen in a better way.




Kitchen Knives


We all love to keep our collection of kitchen knives sharp and shiny, especially if you have Swiss or Japanese kitchen knives, which are some of the best kitchen knives on the market. But what you need to realize is that knives don’t only have one function.

For instance, serrated knives could be excellent for cutting homemade bread without causing any mess. Moreover, this type of knives is ideal for taking care of soft produce items including tomatoes and strawberries.

So make sure you have at least one serrated knife in your kitchen cabinets as well as a paring knife that can help you peel fruits and remove seeds.





Having the best dishwasher in your kitchen (such as Bosch dishwashers) doesn’t mean that you are guaranteed the best cleaning possible. You should realize that the way you put your dishes inside the washer matters too.

According to research, you need to put dishes that have carb-based residues (such as pasta, and potatoes) near the center of the machine. And when it comes to dishes that contain protein-based residues (such as cheese and meat), they should be put on the edges area.

This way, you’ll guarantee that your portable dishwasher, kitchenaid dishwasher or any other type of washer you are using will give you optimal cleaning.



Food Processor


Some people use their kitchenaid food processor and blenders for the same functions; however, these appliances are designed to suit different functions.

In order to use the best food processor that you have just purchased (such as Hamilton Beach or Cuisinart food processors) for its intended functions, you need to know that it is meant for cutting up dry, solid foods, and making chunky sauces.

Of course, if you can’t afford to have both a food processor and a blender, you can use your food processor as a blender. And make sure you read the following part for wrong ways you are using your blender.




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If you have a Ninja blender, a fitness blender, or any other type of blenders, you can use them for many functions inside your kitchen. For instance, they are very useful when making smoothies, soups, and all kinds of sauces.

However, you could be harming your blender if you are not keeping the right order of ingredients. This is how you can avoid making your blender struggle: start by adding your liquids, and then you can add smaller items.

Then, you can add large ingredients on the top. This way, you will guarantee that your blender will last for years to come.


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