9 Surprising Ways You Didn’t Know You Can Use A Vacuum Cleaner

valuable tool is not only meant to keep carpets clean, but it can also help you to take care of many things around the house. If we use it creatively enough, we can find several ways when it comes handy in many different situations, including tedious house cleaning chores.

In today’s article, we will introduce you to some of the most useful chores that you didn’t know you can do with a vacuum cleaner. We bet that when you were looking for a Dyson vacuum cleaner or Sears vacuum cleaners, you never had the intention of using them for some of the purposes below.

Keep in mind that these are not the only usage purposes of a vacuum cleaner, and you can use your creativity to let a vacuum cleaner help you at home or even at your workplace.


Recover Small Items


You can use a vacuum cleaner to solve one of the biggest dilemmas around your house: dropping something small in the carpet and losing it.

You can use your vacuum cleaner in two ways: first, you can bring one of the bagless canister vacuum cleaners with a transparent container, and vacuum the carpet while keeping an eye on the item when it reaches the container.

In case you don’t have this option and you have a portable vacuum cleaner -or any other type, you can pull a stocking or pantyhose over the attachment of the vacuum, and it will hold the item in place for you.

Fix Your Carpet


Another way in which you can use a vacuum cleaner is getting rid of the indentations in your carpet that were caused by furniture.

It must be annoying to find that deformation on your carpet after removing the furniture, and you can’t help but thinking that the guests will notice it once they get to your house.

However, sometimes the biggest problems have the simplest solutions. Place an ice cube on the indentations and give it time to melt. Then use your stick vacuum cleaner, rechargeable vacuum cleaner, or any other kind to take care of any trace of the indentation.

Freshen The Air


Little do we know that when we are looking for places where to buy new vacuum cleaners, we are buying air fresheners as well.

Before using your handheld vacuum cleaner or any other type, make sure you place a cotton ball inside the vacuum container (dust cup) with a few drops of an essential oil of your choice. Then, go ahead with your usual vacuuming.

This way, you’ll hit two birds with one stone: you’ll clean your carpet and you’ll disperse the smell of the essential oil in the air thanks to the airflow through the vacuum.

Allergy Symptoms


Seasonal changes are annoying for many people out there who have to suffer from seasonal allergy symptoms, and in case you are experiencing this inside your house, it might indicate that there is pollen who found a way inside.


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