A Look At The 15 Smartest Hacks To Brighten Your Clothes

You must have tried everything to prevent your laundry from being faded, stained, creased, and flat. But nothing worked out. Perhaps, the color of that expensive yoga dress pants and pacsun jeans keeps fading away.

This can be seen as quite normal as fabric loses its charm throughout time. However, even after washing your huk shirts and lotus leggings, for the first time, they do not really look clean.

You might have thought of washing white clothes separately, adding finish detergent pods in your electric laundry. Still, this will not be effective. There is no need to be worried about your laundry problems anymore for simple hacks with the most feasible ingredients ever can sort them out.

Your clothes will look brand-new, cleaner and more gleaming after the first wash. Be poised to know the 15 magical ingredients that will bring your laundry problems into an end.


Add Tea And Coffee


A cup of tea is like a pausing a long and hectic video, then play it again after each sip. If you ever feel exhausted and stressed, get a cup of Buddha teas or red rose tea with fresh lemon to calm your nerves. Coffee is also another permanent life partner.

How could you start a fresh and energetic morning without a hot cup of community coffee? While you use your coffee and tea as drinks, your electric washer needs them differently.

This might sound a bit crazy, but trust me, these two ingredients have magical effects on clothes. They serve as natural dyes, as they darken the hue and strengthen the dye of your clothes. Put your clothes in your rinse cycle and add 2 cups of coffee.

Add Lemon


Medically speaking, lemon controls your high blood pressure and treats effectively rheumatism and arthritis. It is also proved to be quite effective in loss-weight diets. In addition to the remarkable effects of fresh lemon on your physiology, it has crystal clear effects on your clothes brightening.

You need to soak your clothes for 2 hours or so in water and lemon. In case your clothes are too white and need badly brightening, pre-soak them, preferably, in boiling water for one whole night.

You can put them the next morning in the washing machine as you usually do. Bring them out to smell the refreshing scent of lemon and see the shining bright color.

Add Dishwasher Soap To Whiten Your Clothes


You can use your stainless steel dishwasher’s soap or liquid detergent to clean your clothes. Perhaps, you have already tried finish detergent pods, but there was no clear result on your clothes’ white color.

Your dishwasher’s detergent might get you the results that you expect and need. Just add some of this liquid and mix it with the usual laundry soap you use. This is all that is needed to kick off your wash cycle. The result will be embodied in whiter clothes. This could be a future recipe that cleaning products companies will start to use.

Add Vinegar


Vinegar is one of the main ingredients which joined the cooking menu since ages. The unique sour and tart flavor it adds to your foods encourages many home chefs to constantly add it to every dish they fix.

If you are on a losing-weight- diet, you can add a few drops to your green salad together with a salad dressing. Vinegar proved its efficiency in cleaning as well. The addition of a few cups or drops of apple vinegar Bragg to your rinse cycle will soften your clothes and maintain the dark dyes.

No need to worry about the smell for it will disappear once the rinse cycle is finished. Bring your clothes out of the laundry machine to let them dry in your backyard.

Rubbing Alcohol To Wipe Out Acrylic Paint

©Fab How

Stubborn stains and acrylic paints are always a laundry issue. It is very hard to get rid of them without leaving any sort of marks behind. Detergents and washing soaps might not be very effective in this regard.

But you still can get rid of them only if you know how to do it. A bottle of Uline isopropyl alcohol can do all the magic. Apply some alcohol on the stain or paint. Wait for a few seconds or a couple of minutes for it to sit, then, scrub it the paint away very easily.

Add Salt To Prevent Dye Bleeding

©The Spruce

It is very difficult to clean the clothes which have been recently dyed. The dye may start to bleed once you toss your clothes in your laundry machine. What to do then? Salt is your magical savior. Make sure you add some to your washing machine’s tub when you decide to wash and clean dyed clothes.

It will stop the bleeding of black-dyed-clothes in addition to other colors. Your old clothes can be also brightened, as salt serves as a remover of the residue of the detergents you use. The original color will surface again.

Add Baby Powder To Get Rid Of Grease Stains


Many dermatologists and skin allergies experts advise people with skin issues to consume baby products, inclusive of creams and powder. Usually, these do not contain any kind of chemical, harmful substances for newborn babies skin is very sensitive.

Your skin is not the only one to benefit from the effect of baby powder as your clothes can too. Grease stains are among the hardest stains that you can really get rid of unless you find an effective way.


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