Here Are 8 Cleaning Mistakes You Are Making Every Day

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Keeping our houses clean is one of the tasks we care about every day, and we can’t say we are not doing it right because we always try our best, but it is not always easy!

Each day, you look at all the chores you need to do and realize how much time it will be consuming out of your day, especially that you’d rather be doing many other things instead.

This is why we try to find motivation first, figure out from where to start (especially if you have kids that enjoy keeping a mess), and then actually start… but only to end up doing your chores wrong.

No worries, though! All of our bad habits are changeable, and as long as we are going to gain much of our time and do less effort, then we are ready! Prepare to see a spotless house because we have collected for you the most common mistakes that we all do (I am also guilty!) along with tips and solutions to avoid them.




Avoid cleaning your windows on a sunny day

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Whenever the sun is out and the weather is dry, we feel like it is the perfect day for cleaning our windows, right? It is not!

The warm sun will warm your windows up in a considerate way, and that will cause quick evaporations to any cleaning solutions you are using. This is bad because once the product you are using evaporates before rinsing the glass, you will be left out with a bad mess.

However, if you cleaned your windows on an overcast day, then you will get more satisfying results and your windows will look spotless.



Avoid spray the cleaners on the surface directly

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A few of our furniture have surfaces that need to be cleaned a lot more careful than others, and spraying the product directly would be too harsh.

During the process of cleaning our homes, we don’t want to cause anyone to be sick, and spraying the chemical products directly means it will be released into the air, triggering anyone with allergies and asthma. Instead, you need to spray the product onto a cleaning cloth carefully, and then wipe the dirty surface.

You have to avoid spraying directly, especially in bedrooms and areas where you or your family members hang out the most.



Avoid wiping counters with dirty water or dirty cloth


When you are dealing with a few dirty dishes or your entire kitchen in general, the countertops would always be the last surface to deal with, and that’s why we end up cleaning it with used dishwater or a cloth that we’ve already used.

You may think that it is harmless since it is going to tidy it up well, but you would be spreading many germs in the process.

Instead, you have to use a clean cloth, new water, or/and sanitizing wipe to guarantee a healthier, cleaner kitchen. Don’t forget that this is where you cook all your meals and where diseases can be either prevented or the complete opposite.



Avoid circular motions when cleaning stainless steel


Perhaps you already figured this one out on your own because it is kind of impossible to clean stainless steel surfaces with circular motions and not end up with ugly marks after the cleaner dries out.

The best way to clean these surfaces is by identifying the grain direction in the stainless steel, and then you have to follow it up when you are tiding it up; you will definitely see a big difference!


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