Here Are The 14 Must-Clean Items Crawled With Germs

How do you usually spend your days off work? Do you cook after spending your budget on lunch outside during the working days? Do you clean your house, which you should if you have kids in particular? Do you go out with your family or stay home and read something?

Life is short; even those hours you want to spend in sleeping, maybe you should do something useful instead as long as you have the energy to. To preserve this energy, you have to keep an eye on what you eat and how you eat.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle is not easy, especially with the harsh diets and the long working out hours, but it is worth it. However, this alone will not strengthen your immune system, enabling you to fight against any diseases and guaranteeing a few more years to live.

How would you do so? Easy as pie! Cleaning and sanitizing your house should become your priority. Try to devote a few hours a week to wipe away all the dust and dirt which attract germs and bacteria using clean good hand wipes, a sanitizer or any solution you can make on your own.

Eating healthy food and maintaining the cleanness of your home are the keys to a balanced and healthy lifestyle.


Remote Control

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Sundays and Saturdays are such a blessing after the long working weeks. How wonderful it is to come home on a Friday night, knowing that tomorrow you are officially off work. This is the perfect timing to do something special with or for your family.

You could go out together, breaking the strict healthy food rules to eat pizza maybe. You can take your kids to the circus or cinema. If you think that going out is not a really good idea, especially in winter, you could enjoy together a nice movie night on your Samsung TV.

Now how would you turn a TV on? With remote control of course, but do you know how many hands have actually touched it, inclusive of yours?

Maybe too many to count. That is why you should clean your new Samsung remote control every now and then with a sanitizer to get rid of the accumulated germs. Maybe you should get yourself and kids a hand sanitizer as well to keep close to their reach.

Steering Wheel

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Have you ever tried to actually count the number of places you drive to in your car? Maybe, to your office for work, the bakery to get fresh French baguettes, the laundry shop to get your stuff, the bank’s ATM to withdraw your money, your company’s meeting room for a gathering with the CEO…. And the list is too long to include.

Imagine that every time you walk into one of these places, you bring to your car hundreds and millions of germs which settle precisely on your Acura steering wheel. If you take your car for car maintenance once or twice a week, make sure that your steering wheel is well-cleaned.



If you ask the people about what is, instead of who is, your best friend, many among them would say true friendship is gone with the wind. All they got left as friends is their pure android phones or their Samsung galaxy j8 pro.

There are people who are completely addicted to their phones, to the extent of taking their devices everywhere they go. They might leave them on the kitchen counter or the toilet sink, but what is surely noted is that phones’ surfaces are another favorite spot for germs to hide.

This might be a fact that everybody is aware of. So instead of spending all day long video gaming, then neglecting your phone for the next few hours, use simply natural hand wipes to clean the front and the back matters of your phone.


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The whole world has gone digital. In modern offices, you would rarely find paper and pens as much as you would find laptops and computers. In typing reports, dissertations, books, stories, letters, research papers, exams, memos and all sorts of texts, typewriters are no longer of use.

You surely use your Lenovo laptop or Samsung ativ book9 instead. Using these tech gadgets will fasten your productivity in class or at work thanks to the connection to the Internet and the vast universe of references.

With every letter you hit on your keyboard, a tiny, unseen germ is jumping on it. This is quite normal, but not healthy.

You might feel free to touch a variety of stuff in your office, then put your fingers on your laptop, but such germs may attack your immune system, leading to serious bacterial infection. So make sure you clean your keyboards and laptop.

Pet Food Bowl

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It is said that the best and most faithful friends to humans of all times are pets of all sorts and kinds, dogs in particular. If you have a pet, whether it is a rat, hamster, turtle, dog or cat, you must be taking good care of him, right?

Your buddy needs to have healthy food just like you to keep your company for years to come. You must feed your dog, for instance well, by getting his regular trudog food or ketona do food bags.

In addition to feeding him well, you should clean his bed and foods bowls after each meal. Make sure that you disinfect and wash them to wipe away all the bacteria.

Cutting Board


Do you like cooking? If you do, do you usually cook greasy meals or try to keep it healthy? If you are a professional cooker, you would know for sure that the secret of any recipe is about getting the right proportions of ingredients, chopping them very thinly.

In chopping your veggies or any other ingredients, you surely use your favorite branded cutting board for every chef and cooker has got one.

Once you finish your cooking, make sure you clean your kitchen tools, inclusive of your wooden cutting board, well. This will scare and keep the bacteria way. Wash it and keep it somewhere nearby your kitchen window to dry.


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