Here Are The 5 Effective Uses Of Essential Oils

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For centuries, people have been using essential oils to treat many diseases, both physical and psychological ones. Even after the remarkable advent of the medical field, essential oils are still on the top list of things to use to deal with anxiety, some skin issues, for beauty purposes, and other uses.

Nowadays, the best essential oils brands such as Young Living Essential Oils, DORETTA Essential Oils, Plant Therapy Essential Oils and the likes make a fortune out of selling the best essential oils to their faithful consumers.

The essential oils uses encompass more than medical uses. You can use essential oils around your house, in your car, and your closet. You must be wondering about how to use essential oils to serve all these purposes?

Well, this is what you will find out after reading this article. It is very important to take into account any medical conditions you might have, like allergies, when using essential oils.

#1 – Get rid of shoe stink


In addition to essential oil beauty hacks, essential oils can be used to de-sink shoes. If you are wondering about how to get the stink out of shoes, using essential oils, then the answer is coming up. All that you need is 2 cotton balls and a mixture of your preferred essential oils.

Let the two cotton balls absorb about 10-15 drops of the essential oils’ mixture. Then bring out your stinky shoes and place the wet balls in them. You have to leave the cotton in overnight to be taken off the shoes the next morning. This is how to de-stink shoes easily and for free.

#2 – Make an insect repellent

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Insects come out in summer hot days in great numbers. Now, if you have a garden, it is even worse, for they can make it their home. Some people get insect repellent plants or use insect repellent lotions to keep the insects away from their bodies and houses.

The good news is that you can make your own natural insect repellent, using essential oils. Take a bandana and dash about 10 drops of your favorite essential oils on it, then put it on.

The bugs are not really attracted to the scents of lavender, lemon, tea tree and peppermint. This is a good way of repelling insects when you go hiking or on a picnic too.

#3 – Make a poo pourri spray

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The smell of bathrooms and toilets is nobody’s favorite. Sometimes, while you are down the road driving, you might feel the need to go to the toilet. Usually, gas stations include stores with toilets which are as you know…SUPER disgusting.

But you use the toilet anyway despite the horrible odor. Imagine how wonderful it would be if you keep a poo pourri spray in your bag for use whenever needed.

Well, here is another answer to the ‘how to use essential oils,’ question: essential oils can be used in making aromatic poo pourri sprays. Again, you can use any of your favorite essential oil(s).

#4 – Make a car air freshener


Your car must be like a baby to you; you need to clean it, wash it and have it smell and look good. That is why you probably end up spending money on cool car fresheners such as Little Trees – Black Ice, Air Spencer Squash Scent Air Freshener, Yankee Candle Car Jar, and the likes.

Instead of spending your money on such products, you can make the best car air freshener with the use of essential oils. What you need is a paint-less clothespin and your favorite essential oil. Dash few drops-preferably two or three- of the latter on the clothespin.

Clip the latter on one of the car’s air vents, then turn on the AC. A cheap car air freshener with a strong scent!

#5 – Make a nail strengthener


Do you have any nail issues like weak and broken nails, and you are looking for best nail strengthener to help you out? Well, you are pretty lucky because we got what you need: regular or organic essential oils.

The question now is how to strengthen nails, using essential oils? First of all, the use of lavender and tea tree essential oils is preferable because the lavender and tea tree serve as strengtheners.

Use one drop of these essential oils to rub your cuticle to trigger the growth of nails. This is a time-consuming-process and not an-overnight magical recipe of sprouting nails.

If you have any other ideas, tips or life hacks that involve the use of essential oils, share them below in the commenting section!


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