Here Are the 5 Colorful Uses Of Umbrellas You Didn’t Know You Needed In Your Life!

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Isn’t it boring to use your umbrella only as a shield from rain or sunlight? Isn’t it such a waste to throw out broken umbrellas or ones you no longer use? We’ll have you know that umbrellas do not only have one or two uses. Lock yourself in a room with an umbrella, stare at it enough, and you might come up with some creative ways to use it!

You can recycle an old umbrella by using it as a bouquet, planter, or vase to decorate your house, and so on and so forth.

Even the old and broken umbrellas don’t want to be useless anymore, so show off your creative flair and have some fun while recycling for the sake of the planet!

#1 – Umbrella plant stand


You can use your old umbrellas as planters to decorate your home garden, porch, or patio, and beautifully display the flowers you worked hard or!

Here is a fun way to transform your old umbrella into a plant stand for your precious flowers:

Get a plant bowl in whatever size you like and cut a hole in its bottom. Now place a smaller plastic flower pot in the middle of the hole you cut and drill a hole in the bottom of the pot the same size as the umbrella hole.

Fill the bowl with soil and flowering plants and balance the umbrella in the middle of the hole you cut in the bottom of the pot. And voila, you’ve just made an umbrella plant stand.

#2 – Flower bouquet

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What do closed, unwrapped umbrellas remind you of? What else if not flower bouquets!

You can create a unique flower bouquet from your old umbrella to decorate your house or gift it to someone special.

Here is how to make it: you can either remove the handle or the tip of the umbrella or leave it as it is, and arrange colorful flowers inside of the umbrella canopy, and wrap a velvet bow or silk ribbon around it.

You may add your own touch by arranging or cutting the canopy of the umbrella the way you like. It’s your umbrella so make the most of recycling it!

#3 – Umbrella wreath


Here is a simple DIY way to make an umbrella wreath to decorate your front door or any door at your house:

Get an umbrella with a hooked handle, arrange silk flowers inside it, and twist and wrap around the middle or end of the umbrella pole to make it look like a flower bouquet.

Finally, hang the umbrella-turned-bouquet and bouquet-turned-wreath on your door! And since Christmas is just around the corner, you might as well turn it into a mistletoe!

#4 – Umbrella as children’s mobile


Since you will make this for a toddler, make sure to use a plastic umbrella!

Take a bright-colored umbrella with colorful patterns and simply hang plush toys and small, colorful stuffed animals from its stretcher and ribs.

Place the umbrella above your toddler’s crib and let him or her play to their heart’s content!

It’s such a good feeling to know that the smile on your child’s face was thanks to something you made the effort to create by yourself.

#5 – Umbrella lampshade


Who says you can’t use an umbrella to shield yourself from indoor lighting!

In this case, you’ll need to remove the umbrella pole but leave the umbrella ribs and canopy to use it as a light shade.

Wrap the canopy with a strong thread around the light bulb and you get a homemade lampshade and a recycled umbrella! In this case, only part of the umbrella is recycled, but you’ll figure out what to do with the handle because the next big idea might be yours!

There you have it! Those were the multiple alternative uses of umbrellas you and your friends may not have heard of before, so go ahead and share them with your friends, too!


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