Here Are The 9 Things In Your Bathroom You Are Not Cleaning Enough

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As the years go by, we tend to develop our own routines of how we do our chores and the way we clean the bathroom. But just because that’s what you are used to, it doesn’t mean it is the right way to do so…

Personally, I start with the toilet and then move to clean the shower, mirror, sink, and floors. This routine makes me feel extremely productive and that I have done a great job keeping my bathroom clean and free from germs, but the truth is, we need to do more than that, even if we have been using the greatest bathroom cleaners.

Our bathrooms are considered as the perfect environment and the greatest ground for the bacteria to breed, and when left unchecked, it can become an extremely unhealthy space for any person. The combination of humidity, warmth, and lack of hygiene can be damaging on many levels.

This is why we choose to mention the things that you probably clean, but just not enough, in order to maintain a cleaned and healthy bathroom.

#1 – Bath toys

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If you have kids (or you don’t), you probably have a few bath toys lying around your bathroom that you probably don’t clean. They would be used during the bath, and then they get placed somewhere because they have been played in water and soap, so basically, they are clean… Or are they?

The best way to clean them is by putting them into a bucket, fill it with water and one cup of white vinegar, and then allow the toys to soak for about an hour. You can then rinse them off with clean water, let them dry, and then you can put them away again.

#2 – The shower curtain liner


Another item in our bathroom that we kind of forgets to clean, not casually at least, is the shower curtain. The fabric can also attract soap scum and mildew, making it a great environment of germs and bacteria to grow.

Instead of waiting till it gets all dirty, you can start cleaning it frequently. Simply, throw it in the washing machine with the rest of your clothes, and voila!

However, the fabric can easily shred in the machine, so it is best to cushion it with a few extra bath towels in the load. Make sure to add one cup of baking soda to the laundry detergent to help to get the gunk out of the curtain.

#3 – Shower door track


In case you have a shower door instead of a shower curtain, then yes, that needs to be cleaned thoroughly, too. The glass or frame can get extremely dirty and gross with time, so you need to dissolve all that dirtiness by using the white vinegar.

Many tracks would drain too quickly before the vinegar finds time to do its thing, and that’s when you need to line it with paper towels which will absorb the vinegar, and therefore, more time for it to do what it needs to do.

After a while, you can take a microfiber cloth or a paper towel to wipe out the gunk.

#4 – Brush holder and toilet brush

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Well, I think that I don’t have to spell the reasons why it is important to disinfect the toilet brush. Basically, you need to disinfect any single thing that has fallen into the toilet, so why not the toilet brushes?

Every month, you need to soak both the brush and the brush holder in a bucket full with a few cups of bleach and warm water. Allow them to soak for 30 minutes, and then simply, clean it with water.

The process can’t get easier and you should not forget doing so… It is as important as cleaning the toilet itself. Otherwise, you would end up just spreading more germs on the top of others, and that’s one of the reasons why your toilet will never be fully (and perfectly) cleaned.

#5 – Drain stopper


If you or a member of your family has long hair, then chances are you need to clean the drain stopper of your shower regularly (if not constantly). But for anyone who doesn’t have to deal with such an issue, then they probably forget to clean it.

Every once in a while, you need to pull out the drain stopper and then let it soak in white vinegar in order to get out the gunk that’s clinging to it. While waiting for that, you can quickly clean your drain by using vinegar and baking soda.

The process is easy and the ingredients are cheap, so don’t hesitate to give them a little care!

#6 – Loofahs


This is also another item that we ignore washing because we think it gets cleaned throughout the process of putting soap and water on it as we shower… nope!

Of course, you can throw them in the washing machine with your usual laundry detergent and on the normal cycle with the rest of your laundry.

However, it is best to hang the loofahs in the sun to dry out naturally, better than the dryer that can damage them. The sun and wind are known to be natural cleansers anyway that can kill the majority of germs.

#7 – Hair brushes

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Your hair brushes might look innocent, collecting nothing but a few of your hair strands. But it collects more than that: dust, oils, hair products, and dead skin that have been building up over time on your hairbrush.
To “clean” it back to new, you should soak them in a bucket or a sink that’s filled with warm, soapy water (any dish soap can be good). Allow them to sit for a fair amount of time and then rinse them clean with water, air dry them, and then put them back to the cabinet, drawer, or wherever you keep them.

#8 – Exhaust fan


Well, it looks like it is been a while since you have looked into the exhaust fan of your bathroom, and we believe now is a good time to do so.

The exhaust fan might be making an annoying sound from time to time, but it helps to remove moisture from the air; an important job in humid rooms.

If you noticed that your fan is covered with grime and dust, then it is not doing its job as it is supposed to. Without it, your bathroom will become a breeding ground for mildew and mold. Yikes!

So don’t hesitate to get closer and clean it, it is not really as hard as you might think.

#9 – Toothbrushes

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We must have heard this since the age of 5, but we never really understand the importance of disinfecting our toothbrushes until we understood the meaning of tooth pain and exposing our mouths to the dentists. Your toothbrush can carry many bacteria and germs that can end up inside your mouth, and eventually, within your guts.

Other than you need to change your toothbrush within 3 – 6 months, you should also disinfect it regularly by soaking it overnight in a cup of warm water and 10 drops of tea tree essential oil. The perfect amount to do it is once a week, so don’t hesitate to apply it for a healthier and cleaner mouth.


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