Here Is What You Can Do With Your Paper Plates

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During summer gatherings, cookouts, birthdays and collective family dinners, people would use all that they got in terms of utensils, cookware, and plates in their kitchen cabinets. But then they are usually stuck with washing plenty of dishes in the after party.

If you got a washing machine, then that may be a great help, but if you don’t, things will get messy. Still, you can use paper plates instead of regular plates.

Just like you can use your uline paper bags or branded gift bags in useful tasks, you can use your carton plates when you got many folks coming over for a party or dinner. As a housekeeper, you may think of buying a big stack of compostable paper plates and store somewhere in your kitchen.

You never know when you will need it. This way, you will be also taking part in the recycling system, aiming at keeping the earth cleaner and safer for the coming generations. For more tips and hacks on how to use your uline paper plates, keep reading.



Either you got kids or not, your house must be, at any rate, clean and well-sanitized. You should clean your house at least three times a week, maybe once or twice during the weekend when you got time. The dust and debris get accumulated on your stuff and furniture all over your house.

Don’t expect it to go away by itself. There are plenty of ways to clean your house, using a vacuum or uline dustpan. Now, if you clean your house on a weekly basis, sometimes all you have to do is brooming, using simply a dustpan. Speaking of which, you can use your paper plate cut into a half as a makeshift dustpan.

Packing Paper


Are you thinking of moving out to a new house? It is a bit tough, but it might be all that you need to start over again in a new place. The hardest part in moving is packing your stuff. The more stuff you got, the more packing you need to do. It is crazy, right?

When it comes to packing, there are few things to which you got to pay extra attention like anything made of glass or crystal or even plates. A paper bag and a plate can work out miracles in such situations.

To cushion your cookware or porcelain ware in boxes, lay few paper plates between your plates, bowls, and dishes. Don’t worry, your plates are safe from being scratched up.

Splatter Guard


When kids are around in the kitchen, things become really messy. However, sometimes you could cook a nice meal or bake a tasty pie with your little ones. It is a way of bonding with your kids, maybe, a way to discover their undeniable cooking skills. Who knows?

Many kids turned to be geniuses at cooking and joined Master Chef. Anyway, while you use your hand mixer, you are likely to splatter something unless you are a professional.

You can use a paper plate with few holes in the middle where you can place the beaters. You will prevent the ingredients from suddenly jumping from the mixing bowl.

Paint Placemat


Sometimes, all it takes to feel fresh again is changing your bedroom or living room’s colors. Of course, that is a lot of work, but if you think it will make you feel good, then it is worth it. You might need help in choosing the proper color.

If there are many people around in your house, maybe you should consider painting on a weekend as they take off for a picnic otherwise, your house will turn into a mess, especially with the paint. Paper plates can help in this regard. They can serve as a placemat to prevent dripping.

Splatter Guard –part 2-


Many people underestimate the usefulness of a simple item as a paper plate. In fact, they might change their mind once they read this. You can use a paper plate to avoid splattering when preparing something with your hand mixer.

In your microwave, paper plates help as well. It is preferable to use thin ones and try to keep them somewhere near your microwave. Before putting anything into your microwave, cover your dish with a paper plate. This would save you from the cleaning and scrubbing you will have to do next.

Gift Basket


If you are having a baby shower, fixing a few gifts for your guests would be a nice touch. If you are considering buying those Capalbo’s gift baskets, then you might need an extra budget. This is exactly what you don’t need.

If you got any recycled paper plates, you can use them to make cute gift baskets. Try to avoid printed plastic plates as much as you can. They can be both harmful for you and the environment as well. Simple wraps with some glue and sweet decorations can mark your unique baby shower.

If you are up to learning how to make gift baskets, using paper plates, click on the following link: How To Turn An Ordinary Paper Plate Into A Cute Cookie Basket.

Ping Pong Paddles


Do you know that the original appellation of ping pong is actually table tennis? This game went viral since the 1880s. It was known as a tennis game played indoors during the cold, freezing days of winter. It scouted the whole world ever since and became a famous game.

If you are into this game, then you certainly need some paddles. You could buy expensive ones like sears ping pong paddles or even cheaper ones. What matters the most is that you know when to make your move throughout the game, right?

You can spend lovely weekends with your family and relatives, chatting, debating and playing more importantly. Ping pong is among the most famous games played on such occasions. Just bring your little tennis ball and make a few paddles, using paper plates.

Ring Toss

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Have you ever tried carnival bottle ring toss game? It is so much fun. A long time ago, when kids would still find fun things to do at a carnival, ring toss was everyone’s favorite game. If you get to win, you may go home with a soft, big teddy bear.

Things have changed a bit now with kids spending more hours, surfing the net and playing video games. However, the ring toss tradition is still around. You don’t really need to purchase any plastic rings for ring toss because you can make ones on your own.

This is so much fun if you do it with kids. Grab a few paper plates and scissors, then cut them into rings. Enjoy your game with lighter rings.

Desk Caddy


How cute is it to make your own desk caddy? You can buy ones which are quite expensive, especially if they are made of a good kind of wood. But you can use cheaper alternatives and maybe more attractive ones. In fact, you can make your own desk caddy.

It is kind of fun because you learn new ways of making stuff in the process. Plus, you will be cutting down the needless spendings. There are things that you can’t make on your own, in which case you need to buy them.

But there are also things that you can make using very simple tools like paper plates. By the way, you can make a cutie desk caddy, using just a few paper plates and some ornaments.

If you turn to be good at this, you could have your own shop of recycled tools. It could be a contribution to paper recycling initiatives.

Watermelon Purse


Do you think you are the kind of person who likes and can make something out of nothing? If you are, then this is your thing. Summer holiday is a good opportunity to discover new hobbies and improve your skills.

It is also a fun way to spend your vacation. You can make plenty of ornaments and things out of plastic bottle caps, promotional paper bags, and paper plates. For instance, you can make some sweet, tiny watermelon purses with the help of the little angels, maybe, in your life.

Instead of getting rid of your paper plates in the recycling boxes, you can use them to make lovely, sweet and cute things for your kids. This will also help you in knowing the creative character within you. Any more tips or hacks? Leave them below.


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