No Humidifier? Here Are 6 Ways That Will Add Moisture To The Air

Last Updated on May 27, 2019

Have you ever been sitting around and felt like your skin is a little too dry than it should be? Well, once you feel that, you should understand that the air around you is not being in its best forms right now, which happens a lot in winter or if you live in semiarid or arid areas.

To be surrounded with dry air is not healthy, most of your being will be harmed like your skin that will start to flaking, itching, and maybe even cracking painfully (Ouch!).

Your hair will also be harmed and will not look at its forms no matter how much you try to style it, same with your pet’s hair. In addition to all that, your respiratory system could be affected, too!

So instead of constantly moisturizing yourself and dealing with an unexpected health issue, we should treat the issue from its roots and get rid of the dry air. If you don’t have a humidifier, then we have the best alternatives for you.


Take a bath


Yes, as simple as that!
After you spend a “worth-spent” hour relaxing in your bathtub, don’t rush into draining the water so fast. You should open the bathroom’s door and allow the water to cool off as slowly as it needs to. The air will start getting moisturized with the steaming water as it cools down, making it a lot healthier.

But do you know what the best part of this trick is? The air will get moisturized and gain a beautiful smell from the products you used during the bath. So if you need a reason to take a bath today, just convince yourself the air needs to be moisturized!

Hang up your clothes


Whenever you have extra space, get your clean, damp laundry and hang it over the back of a chair, on a drying rack, or anywhere that’s suitable. You will not only moisturize the air, but you will also save tons of energy and money on the dry cleaner that eats up a lot of electricity.

The process your clothes will go through as they are drying out will help the air become moisturized as the “water” evaporates. And of course, the added bonus is having your house smell like clean and fresh laundry! Don’t use that dryer anymore unless you are in a hurry, and clean your atmosphere with your clothes.

Cooking on stovetop

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When you use the oven, the air around you will be a lot dryer than usual, but somehow, the stovetop will help to moisturize the air. Plus, your house will get more warmed up, mostly the kitchen, as the food is taking its time getting ready.


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