Stop Wasting Time and Energy with These 10 amazing Cleaning Hacks

House cleaning is one of the most difficult tasks to do; especially if you are trying to maintain a full-time job.

We bet that you are not looking forward to the day you have to get all the home cleaning products out of the closet and wear your shining glove to start the holy war against dust and grime.

But it is a war you have to take so that bacteria and dust particles will have no success in taking over your house.

And if you allow us, we would like to help. In this article, we will show you how to manage cleaning your house in no time, and without having to call home and office cleaning services.

There are too many things to clean around the house, which means there are too many efforts needed to be expended and too much time to waste. But using our methods, you’ll have a more effective and time-saving cleaning.

#1 – Fan+ Pillowcase


Fans are one of the biggest dust gatherers in the house. They may not do so with their quick movement during hot days; however, the dust settles on them during low-temperature days when we have to switch them off.

If you want to clear the dust off the fans, choose a pillow case and make it a part of your home cleaning items.

Slide the case around the fan’s blade and move it back and forth until you clear the entire dust off the blade, then try to toss the dust in the garbage can before cleaning the pillowcase manually or in a washer. This is a smart tip that shows that housework cleaning shouldn’t be that hard.

#2 – The Swiffer Sweeper


The Swiffer Sweeper is one of the best home cleaning products; since it allows us to dust and weep the floor at the same time. However, the problem with this product is that its pieces are sold separately.

And you always have to buy refills for the sweeper’s pad. The thing that could be time wasting and costly. However, what if we told you that you have cheap cleaning products just lying in your house unnoticed.

The lonely sock that lost its soul mate a long time ago could do a great job at replacing refills of the sweeper. Socks are known to be dust magnets; therefore you don’t have to worry about buying expensive fills every time one gets ruined.

#3 – Cleaning Blinders


The most known way to clean your kitchen’s window blinds and shutters is by using a feather duster. However, even though these house cleaning beauties are pleasing to look at, they just don’t do the job.

Especially that dust on blinds always finds its way to hide in corners and get united in chunks. This is where our DIY house cleaning products come handy.

You can simply hit every corner of blinds by using tongs and your ordinary microfiber cloth. All you need to do is to roll one piece of microfiber cloth on every side of the tong, and then get to the dusting.

#4 – Paint Brushes For Cleaning


Another excellent house cleaning tip for those spots that are difficult to reach is using your paint or makeup brushes instead of your regular duster.

These brushes are capable of reaching the incessant corners that are always considered dilemmas; on which you sometimes give up and leave them to be.

They are also very helpful for household objects and ornaments, to clean the head of screws, and rivets of tables. You can also use sponge brushes to help you carry out better cleaning of spots your duster can’t handle.

#5 – Coffee Filters

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Eco house cleaning products are sometimes the least expected items around the house. We always think that the sole purpose of coffee filters is to help us get our shot of morning caffeine. But they are in fact a dime a dozen.

Coffee filters help you carry out a thorough house cleanup to all the screens in your household. TV screens, computers, windows, and cell phones could be taken care of with these magical dust-free tools. Even better, they have the ability to catch the dust without scratching your screen.

#6 – Light Bulbs + Alcohol


Usually, when we deep clean a chandelier or lampshade we make sure to dust them well; however, we frequently neglect to take care of the light bulbs themselves. One the reasons light bulbs lose some of their glow is the accumulating dust on them.

That’s why you need to make it part of your whole house cleaning routine to wipe light bulbs. The best way to do so is to add a small quantity of rubbing alcohol on a cloth and wipe the grime away, and then you’ll notice the difference in brightness.

#7 – Use Bread To Dust Paintings


One of the most distinctive features of bread is its ability to absorb, grab onto, and soak up many things it comes into contact with. This is one of the reasons why many people use it to sober up after getting too many shots.

Bread is also very helpful in gathering dust. This doesn’t mean that you have to keep on buying bread to keep the house clean, but you can use loaves of bread in case you wanted to dust your paintings, and you don’t want to use other methods that could ruin your valuable piece of art.

#8 – Clean Fake Plants


This may come across as something hard to believe, but even fake plants can wilt. When you first purchase them, these decoration items have a shine on them; however, they start to fade away with time.

Especially when you don’t take care of them and dust them frequently. When dust starts accumulating on these plants, it gives them an ugly look and they’ll end up “undecorating” your house instead of giving it a nice look.

In order to get rid of the ugly dust, you can use another unexpected affordable home cleaning product, which is mayonnaise. Put a small amount of mayonnaise on a piece of cloth and give your plants a shiny look.

#9 – Using A Ruler For Cleaning


In addition to brushes, rulers can be very useful in making you clean difficult grates. They can also help you to get to those deep or high spots on closets, pantries, as well as cupboards and cabinets.

Simply roll a cloth around the ruler and use a cord or rubber band to fix it and keep it firm. And then, you’ll have the ability to reach slim places under speakers, decorations, refrigerators and various other hard places to get to.

#10 – Turtle Wax

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The vents in the house can be magnets for dust and dirt; specifically, if your house is equipped with centralized heating or air conditioning.

You can clean this dust by opting for many of the methods listed above or use a regular washcloth. If you want to clean it more effectively, use a cloth with turtle wax and wipe the vents.

This way you will also prevent dust from gathering for a long period of time, and you will have to clean them less frequently.


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