Surprisingly, The 15 Items You Can Clean In Your Washer

Dear supermoms! You are about to discover that your kids’ mess can be cleaned in a blink of an eye. Having them around in your kitchen, living room or playing in the backyard means more cleaning of their dirty clothes and spilled liquids on the sofas and couches.

There are several items that you might have thought that you necessarily need to wash them with your hands, whereas they are not. People who are fed up with an unlimited amount of house chores tend to look for easier ways to sanitize their homes easily.

This will save them from exerting efforts and wasting time. There are certain items that you can simply toss into your washing machine as well as others that you need to put in mesh bags first.

Plus, don’t be negligent to the extent of mixing your laundry in one cleaning cycle despite their different colors.

Apart from this, heavy items and those that necessitate time and effort to be washed can be tossed in your machine very easily. If you keep reading, you will know the 15 items that your machine washing can manage to clean very easily.


Shower Curtains Liners


Your toilet is one of the places to be kept always clean and sanitized to keep the crawling germs away. Your standing shower liner could be as dirty as you can imagine. It is not always a question of dirt, as it could be simply could be stained with mere soap scum and mildew.

You may need a whole budget to keep buying a new shower liner every now and then. That is why you can toss the liner in the washing machine with few towels in order not to be torn.

Make sure you add 1 cup of baking soda and just few drops if the laundry detergent you regularly use. One cycle is quite enough to have a shiny and clean shower curtain liner.

Patio Chair Cushions


The kitchen is also a favorite nest for bacteria and germs. Plus, if you have kids, you certainly spend quite a time cleaning their messy stains on the floor, counters and even on your pillow perfect chair cushions.

The latter is harder to clean because of its relatively big size. That is why most people prefer to use regular chairs. Anyway, you can clean your sears patio chair cushions by tossing them simply in your washer.

But if there are any stubborn stains, try to remove them with a pre-treater before setting about the washing cycle with cold water. You can bring them out and let dry air afterward.

Car Mats

©Car Floor Mats

Having a car is good, but how about cleaning it? Most people treat their cars as garbage bins; you can open their vehicles and find all sorts of junk food leftovers, Starbucks coffee cups, nasty shoes and piles of paper.

The car floor liners are a total disaster. Only rats will join using them as sleeping beds. It is true that cleaning is not as fun as it sounds, but cleaning your car should be part of your weekly routine, at least.

You could buy nice quality car mats, but you can easily spoil them if you don’t clean them. For instance, in case your moulded car mats are not very heavy; you can put them directly into the washer.

Rubber-Backed Rugs & Mats


Having a furnished house with large rubber backed carpet mats is really nice. You feel like the house is filled with warmth, especially in winter. As a matter of fact, some of the ancient, yet luxurious mansions adopt this royal-like style of large rubber backed carpet mats.

Having some of them around your house is certainly a nice addition to your furniture and interior design. But cleaning them is a bit troublesome.

But you still can do it, using your washer’s help. Avoid washing them very often because their grip may fade away. Make sure you wash them when it is really necessary, otherwise, you can use your vacuum.

Leather Purses and Bathmats & Throw Rugs

©Mastering You

Leather purses are really expensive; you definitely don’t want to spoil your leather croc bag or leather chain bag that you have bought last summer on your vacation. They can get easily dirty, especially if you place on dirty floors or surfaces wherever you go.

Cleaning a leather purse requires special attention given the nature of the material used, leather. Your washer can take care of the whole cleaning thing.

We know that this seems a bit crazy, thinking that your purse may be ruined, but it does work. The results will surprise you. Your bathmats and throw rugs can be also cleaned and washed in your washer safely.

Hair Ties & Headbands


It is important to keep everything around clean and sanitized otherwise, germs will sneak into your body in silence. This sounds creepy, but health issues can start by a simple infection and develop to something else.

Any tools and accessories you use and which come in contact with any body part of yours should be cleaned and washed. Just like your cotton hair bands.

Your bulk hair bands and tie headbands accumulate all sorts of oil and hair products, especially if you use them for a long time. You need to wash them every now and then to get rid of the oily residue.

But you certainly don’t want to toss them in the washer just like that; it is preferable to place them in a mesh bag and put it with the rest of your laundry.



Dust and dirt can find their shelters in almost every spot in your household; starting from surfaces to curtains. Most people avoid having white or beige curtains around their houses.


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