The Reasons Why You Need to Regularly Clean Your Carpets

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Carpets are a convenient addition to your home. After the carpet installation is done, rooms become comfy and nice to sit in. However, carpets can become dirty very easily. They attract dirt and stains, which makes them ugly and annoying to clean.

Therefore, you invest in a good carpet cleaner, such as a carpet stain remover and a carpet shampooer, or pay for carpet cleaning services just to make sure that your carpet is clean.

However, removing dirt and stains are the obvious reasons for cleaning a carpet. There are more reasons that are less obvious. For this reason, we have written this article to tell you about the reasons which call for cleaning your carpet regularly.

After you finish reading the article, you will start contemplating the best way to clean a carpet, one that will keep your carpet looking new all the time.

#1 – Residue Attract Dirt

Greasy residue is the number one culprit here. Grease is everywhere inside the house: it comes mostly from the kitchen, but a considerable amount comes from the outside as well, which get carried inside by our shoes.

You will find that grease takes the shape of an annoying stain, but that is not always the case. Moreover, when grease takes hold of your carpet, it will start attracting dirt, dust, and some allergens, all of which are substances which cling to grease very easily.

Therefore, since vacuuming alone is not enough, it is imperative that you employ carpet cleaning services, which have professionals that can get your carpet back to shape.

#2 – Grit and Dirt Damage the Carpet

Often times, carpets look nice and clean. You are confident in your vacuuming abilities and you are sure that nothing is wrong with your carpet rugs. What you might not be aware of is the fact that your vacuum cleaner is a weak one, which makes your carpet home to harbor millions of dirt and sand grains.

These little particles cause a lot of damage to the carpet over time. Therefore, it is important that you change your current carpet cleaner machine with a powerful one that can have access to those tiny places and get you rid of them once and for all.

#3 – Dirty Carpets Make You Sick

That is an obvious one, but no one seems to care really. Your carpet is home to many insidious dangers that are hazardous to your body. Therefore, it is important that you know about these hazards so that you can design your carpet cleaning regimen accordingly.

The urgency to do this becomes more pronounced if you suffer from some kind of allergy, especially that a normal carpet is home to millions of tiny mites, which are not visible to the naked eye, as well as small particles of pollen.

Stay safe, therefore, and invest in a strong vacuum cleaner and the best carpet cleaner you can find on the market!

#4 – Bacteria Dwell in Carpets

Regularly vacuuming your carpet does not necessarily get rid of the bacteria that are lurking around all over it. When the bacteria keep building up and reach great proportions, they become a threat to your family.

As a result, you need to ways which you can use to eradicate the presence of bacteria from your carpet once and for all. Besides daily vacuuming, you can invest in a very good carpet steam cleaner, which has the ability to kill germs and bacteria thanks to the hot steam that comes from it.

However, you do not need steam-clean the carpets each day. Four or three times a year is more than enough!

#5 – Dirt Increases the Weight of Carpets

You might not believe this, but it true nevertheless. The weight of a normal house carpet can increase by four times because of dirt, moisture, dust, grit, grease, and other elements. If left an attended, these substances keep accumulating over time until they make the carpet very heavy to hold.

Even the best carpet can fall victim to this! Therefore, you should never get lazy when it comes to cleaning your carpet. Always take out your vacuum cleaner and start vacuuming for a half-hour at least. Also, find the best carpet shampooer and start using it for your carpet!

#6 – Carpets Get Flattened Over Time

Not even the best carpets on the market have durable fibers. If you step on your carpet regularly, it will become flattened with time. However, there is a way you can use to fight off this eventual deterioration—the vacuum cleaner!

This amazing machine will not only help you get dirt and dust from the carpet, but will also help you pull those individual fibers and have them stay in shape all the time—that is to say, in an upright position.

Other things you can do to avoid this problem is to bring into effect the no-shoe rule in the areas of the house which have carpets.

#7 – Cleaning Makes Your Carpet Last Longer

Another reason that makes cleaning the carpet so important is the simple fact that regularly tending to it will allow it to last longer. Cleaning it regularly will allow you to squeeze a good 10 years out of your carpet pretty easily!

Therefore, you should think long and hard about the best carpet cleaning solution and start applying it to your favorite carpet; otherwise, you will make your carpet suffer and you will be obliged to change it very soon.

It’s effective to vacuum your carpet every day, not just on the weekend, and to incorporate some deep cleaning into the cleaning regimen as well, using a carpet steam cleaner.

It’s great that you know how to install a carpet, but do you know how to clean it properly and why you should clean it? In this article, we’ve tried to answer this question, and we hope we’ve been successful. Go out there, therefore, and buy the best carpet shampooer and the best carpet stain remover and start cleaning!

Before you go, tell us in the comments below about your carpet cleaning methods.


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