This Is How You Can Clean Your Curtains While In Situ!

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You don’t need to look for curtain cleaning services near you anymore or to worry about the best curtain cleaning machine, there are many ways you can clean your curtains quickly and effectively without taking them down – we know that process is only going to take a lot of time and effort.

Also, you should forget about the curtain cleaning cost because as long as you have the right tools, the majority of our hacks to clean curtains can be done for free.

Many people don’t like the process of cleaning curtains, so they tend to use them for as long as possible, and once they are all completely dirty, they replace them… But that means just wasting more money!

This dilemma will be solved today with these smart and great ways to clean your curtains that will make you love this process because they are easier than you think – Try them and see for yourself!

#1 – Vacuum


If your curtains are only dealing with dust, then bring out your vacuum cleaner that has a long attachment and the cleaning process will be more fun than you can imagine.

For the best results, you should use a lightweight and mobile vacuum in order not to end up getting on a ladder or dealing with a heavy cleaning system. Plus, you have to make sure that you are cleaning your curtains safely!

To get rid of stubborn dust and dirt, then use a soft brush attachment, and don’t hesitate to vacuum them regularly to keep them as clean as new.

#2 – Shake them out


This will make you feel like you are practicing a fun activity instead of doing chores, just get someone to keep the ladder steady for you, climb to the top, and start shaking your curtains on your favorite songs – Can you imagine a better way to clean your blinds?

All of the dust will fly away and the dirt will be gone for sure, however, you will need to vacuum the floor around the curtains after you are done.

Also, make sure the person holding the ladder doesn’t get affected by the dust…If any of you is allergic or have a sensitivity to it, then it is best to try another curtain cleaning hack.

#3 – Brush the tiny fibers away

There are many types of curtain that attract fabric fibers that can get stubbornly stuck to the material, even the vacuum will not help.

If the lint is not removed after the vacuuming or the shaking out, then just get a brush or your lint roller to catch everything. To make sure you get everything, you ask someone to help you pull them flat and outwards for you.

It is an extremely easy, free, and fun way to make your curtains clean as new without taking them to the curtains cleaning services!

#4 – The power of steam

In case your curtains have unsightly stains or grease, then a vacuum will not be enough, and no, you still don’t need to take them down – You can clean your blinds and get rid of the stains while they are in situ.

All you need to do is to get a handheld, powerful steam cleaner with an attachment that can remove dirt and stains from the fabric with less effort.

If you are wondering if it is safe for your curtains, then it depends on how to use the steam cleaner. Vertical and gentle strokes are very enough to get into the fibers without drenching them. Make sure the steam cleaner is being used in the most gentle setting, and try to work in small sections for the best results.

#5 – Deodorize

Technically, the steam cleaner will be able to remove all the dust and even the unwanted odors. But in case any of them remained, you should take an extra few steps for a good smelling curtain!

As simple as using an upholstery, spray-form deodorizer, your curtains will instantly smell clean and fresh.

If you want to keep all the area smelling clean, then pour baking soda in a bowl, add your favorite essential oils, and then place it on the windowsill. Everyone will think that you actually washed the curtains professionally!

#6 – The windows cleaning


The main reasons why curtains become dirty is when the windows they are covering are not cleaned enough, and also, when you are cleaning your windows, make sure to not add an extra cleaning chore by having the curtain’s material get in contact with the window cleaner.

This is the only way how curtains get dirty, let alone little kids who touch them with dirty hands and playful pets with curiosity to smell and touch everything.

In general, clean your windows with care and avoid spraying the cleaner directly to the material.

#7 – Let the curtains breath


Many people tend to leave their windows closed the entire day so the dust will not get into the house and make everything dirty, including the curtains.

But it is very important to allow fresh air so everything can breathe, not only during the cleaning process but during the usual weekdays as well. This is the best way to say goodbye to unwanted smells because it can prevent the build-up of mold.

Save yourself the trip and the expenses of getting your curtains professionally cleaned, and also the efforts of taking them down and hanging them all over again because it is just… too much!


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