This Is How You Can Keep Your Food Fresher

Last Updated on March 29, 2019

If we had a flower for each time we throw away food that got wasted on our kitchen shelves, we would currently be walking on our large flower garden.

Many foods tend to lose their freshness with time, and because we don’t always feel like eating it, we leave it there, forgetting it, and finding out at the end that its time has come and there is no better solution but to throw it out in the trash.

We all feel awfully bad for throwing food away and wasting it for such a simple reason, which makes us hope we have a way to make it last longer, especially that we don’t find it spoiled until we really want to consume it.

Luckily, there are a few hacks that can really help our foods stay alive a little longer in our house.


Put it under wraps

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Bananas are known to become bruised very fast and very easily, which is why it is recommended to hang them up. However, there is another way that will definitely make them last for a longer time, and it is wrapping the stems with plastic wrap. It is an effective way to make the fruit stay fresh for a longer time.

The reason is the plastic wrap will stop ethylene gases from being released, which is the reason why the ripening process becomes faster.

Reveal a softer side


Brown sugar is not often used by people, which is why it is not a shock finding it hard every time we grab it from the pantry. So, we always find ourselves wasting too much of our time just trying to soften it again.

Well, the way to do that is actually easy: If you know that you are not a regular user of this sugar, store it in an airtight container with a slice of fresh bread or apple slice. The sugar will soften in a day or two, and it will then be ready to use. Don’t forget to remove the fruit completely from the container!

Turn it upside down


Tomatoes are our favorite vegetable (fruit!) to cook, eat, and add with all of our salads. This is why we tend to buy a large amount but regretting it every time because they lose their freshness easily. Here is what you need to do:

You shouldn’t keep the tomatoes stored in the refrigerator; it should be stored somewhere at room temperature. The tomatoes should be placed upside down (the stem must be a downside). This hack will decrease the airflow to the tomato and reduce the moisture from leaving the vegetable (fruit… we don’t know!).

Saving the appearances

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Potatoes are also known for turning brown or gray after being sliced, and the reason is the vegetable releases starch that starts to oxidize, leading to that color. Obviously, we don’t want to consume potatoes that look like that.

In order to keep them white, you need to cover them in cold water as soon as you slice them up. The water will keep its color and freshness for over 24 hours if you placed it in the refrigerator.


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