Last Updated on April 15, 2021

Sunlight is not only good for you but also for your bedding and other things around your house. Exposing some of the household items that you use every day to UV rays can free them from mildew, mold, and even bacteria. Sunlight is the very best disinfectant out there, not to state the obvious fact that it’s both free and available almost every day. So be wise enough to take advantage of the benefits of sunlight to stay healthy and keep your home truly clean. Check out these 5 things in your home that urgently need to see the sun! Click on NEXT to read more!

5. Your Mattress

Day after day, natural body oils, dust, dust mites, and all sorts of nasty stuff keep on accumulating in your mattress, leaving it dirty, unhealthy, and probably smelly too. This might be disgusting, but it’s very true. But don’t worry, all you need to do is take your mattress outside on a clear sunny day and air it out. Keep in mind that you should preferably vacuum the mattress on both sides before you take it outside, then hang it on a fence/wall or lay it on a plastic sheet to avoid dirt and dampness. Also, it can be very practical to ask someone for help since mattresses are often too heavy for one person and quite awkward to carry out of the house. Once your mattress is out, make sure to keep an eye on it, especially if any of your neighbors are rodents. Although 6 hours in the sun is perfect for letting your mattress air well, 4 hours can be enough as well. You bring it in a couple of hours before dusk to prevent dampness from seeping in.

4. Your Pillows and Cushions

The next items that can also benefit a great deal from a daily or at least occasional airing in the sun are your cushions and pillows. Couch cushions, in particular, get dusty and dirty quite quickly. On the other hand, pillows can easily become stained from saliva and sweat. Here’s how to make your stained bed pillows perfectly clean: Start by carefully removing cushion covers and pillow protectors, then clean them in the washing machine while taking into consideration their care labels. You can also toss your pillows and cushions in the washing machine if they can tolerate it before air-drying them outside. And to keep your pillows perfectly clean and stain-free, you should make sure to wash them regularly before tumble-drying them in a drier before airing or simply letting them dry outside in the sun. If you choose the latter drying method, then double-check that the pillows or cushions are completely dry before you return them inside. As for airing them outside without prior washing, you can use strong pins to hang them where the sunlight can reach them for at least three hours.

3. Your Duvets

Your duvet can get a little musty from staying inside for one whole season or even more. This can happen to all duvets, whether they’re made from synthetic material or downy feathers. That’s why it’s a good idea to give your duvet a nice, long airing outside in the sun to bring their freshness back to life. And it’s even a better idea to clean it first either by dry cleaning or in your washing machine. In fact, almost all duvets can be tumble dried, sometimes even the feathery versions of them. Just make sure to add two wool dryer balls or tennis balls so the filling up will be plumped beautifully. It’s important, however, to not expose your duvet to direct sunlight since it can make the filling dry, leaving your duvet uncomfortably lumpy. It’s best to hang your duvet in the shade when airing it outside. One more tip: You should consider changing your heavy duvet for a lightweight one.


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