Last Updated on April 3, 2021

Does your windshield get foggy right when you start the car? That’s nothing new if you drive frequently, especially when it’s cold and humid outside. But that is not only frustrating but also risky, and you seriously can’t just sit and stew in your own anger or, worse, risk getting into an accident. In fact, road crashes kill an estimation of 1.35 million people each year, which is very tragic and scary, and something to  So, if you no longer want to deal with a foggy windshield and distracted driving, you should follow these seven hacks that will help you get rid of fogginess in your car, in no time.

1. Turn on the air conditioning 

Your car’s AC is not just there to keep you cool in summer; it’s also useful when fog takes over your car! One of the fastest and most effective ways to get rid of humid air in your car or foggy windshield is to turn on the AC every once in a while; not only to clear the fogging but also to prevent bad odors and buildup of bacteria inside the car.

2. Turn up the heat

Another simple and quick way to remove fog from car windows and windshield is to turn up the car’s heat to the maximum level as hot air collects more moisture and will clear the fog. It’s even better if you roll down the windows with the heater on for the humidity to be released fully.

3. Use the windshield wipers

While this might sound counteractive, it’s actually not if your windshield is clean! Make sure that your windshield is clean before activating the windshield wipers to remove condensation. It’s also best to use the AC to see if it’s from the inside or outside. If it doesn’t work, turn off the AC and stop the car somewhere safe before wiping or cleaning your windshield from the outside. It’s better to be safe than sorry!


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