Last Updated on April 8, 2021

Windex is a great cleaner. It can be used for a variety of purposes and can give you great results. However, if you do not use it properly—that is to say, if you do not use it on the right surfaces—you could cause some damage. Windex ingredients do not go well with some surfaces, which means that you need to practice caution while using it. In this article, we are going to give you a list of things that you should not bring near a Windex bottle. For each surface we mention in this article, you will need to find a Windex substitute that will allow you to go about cleaning that area without risking any damage. Therefore, whether it is a floor cleaner or a stove cleaner, make sure that you are using the right thing. We urge you to read the full article so that you do not make any mistakes using Windex. It is essential that you clean the house; however, it is crucial that you do not clean it in a way that is going to cause you some irreversible damage. To gain full access to the article, please click next now!

1. Leather

It is important that you do not risk your leather using Windex on it. Windex is known to include alcohol, which is known to cause discoloration in the leather. Therefore, if you have a Windex commercial cleaner at home, avoid using it on your leather furniture pieces. The damage that you will cause is very great that you will end up regretting it for a long time. Try some other Windex substitute instead.

2. Plexiglass

Windex is, of course, a no-no for plexiglass, especially if you have an art piece framed in plexiglass. Windex ammonia levels are quite high, which means that you are going to cause a lot of damage if you were to use it on Plexiglass. Therefore, it is important that you steer away from Windex cleaner as your choice for plexiglass and pick a glass cleaner spray that is going to be more gentle on the plexiglass.

3. Shower Doors

It has been shown that Windex cleaner does not work well with surfaces that have soap scum build up on top of them. Therefore, if you have such glass doors, it is important that you do not use Windex on it, because you are not going to see any good results. Try, instead, to invest in a good glass cleaner spray that will help you get the results that you seek, a shower cleaner spray, for example, that will make those shower doors squeaky clean.

4. Stainless Steel

Another surface that you should never use Windex cleaner on is stainless steel. There is not one single finish on stainless steel appliances, which means that you will be taking chances if you use Windex. You might unknowingly cause some irreversible damage to your stove or over. Therefore, we recommend that you get a stove cleaner or an oven cleaner that is tested and that will not cause any trouble with the finish—you do not want any corrosion, do you?

5. TV or Computer Screens

This is a categoric no! You should never use Windex on your computer monitor or your TV. Screens are delicate things, and they can easily be damaged with chemicals. Windex ammonia and alcohol levels are known to be high, which means that you will be taking chances and you might end up causing irreversible damage to your screen. Therefore, if you do not want to spend additional money replacing your TV or computer monitor, make sure that you avoid this product because Windex glass cleaner is not good.


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