Last Updated on December 2, 2020

The beauty world is filled with misconceptions and lies, which makes it super confusing sometimes to know what’s right and what’s wrong or what we should and not do about our skin, hair, and makeup. However, you can never go wrong with hacks, which consist of small tips for you to follow that are simple, easy to do, and effective. So if you’re wondering how to care for your skin and overall beauty, keep reading to find out some of the best beauty life hacks for women and men worldwide!

1. Use a t-shirt do dry your hair

Tired of frizzy messy hair? Replace your towel with an old t-shirt. T-shirts fabric don’t create friction as a normal towel does, so by switching from a towel to a shirt, you’ll also be switching from frizzy hair to naturally curly or wavy hair. This hack is great for girls with curly hair since the t-shirt allows the curls to form naturally and beautifully.

2. Try applying dry shampoo at night

One of the best hairstyle hacks out there is to use dry shampoo at night before sleeping, then in the morning right after you brush your hair. By applying dry shampoo in the night, you’ll be avoiding not only losing time in the morning, but you’ll also be allowing the product to penetrate the hair and scalp while you’re sleeping and moving in the bed. You’ll notice your hair looking voluminous and wavy in the morning like you just got out of the salon. You won’t even feel the need to brush your hair!

3. Get rid of split ends

Split ends are very common now and then. Even if you treat your hair with great natural hair products and don’t use any hot tools, you’re still going to get some split ends. You can remove split ends by getting a haircut, but if you don’t want to do that, there’s also a quick and easy way to get rid of dead hair without compromising your haircut or length. All you have to do is twist some sections of your hair together. The more hair you have, the more sections you should do. Then, you’ll notice little strands of hair coming out. These are the split ends, trim them and you’ll have healthy hair again!

4. Turn your eyeshadow into lipgloss

This is by far one of the easiest makeup hacks out there. If you accidentally drop your pallet on the floor and end up breaking some eyeshadows, do not throw them away! Their life as eyeshadows may have ended, but you can still transform them into other beauty products, like lipgloss. Crush the rest of the eyeshadow until it turns to powder, then mix it with some vaseline or other creamy transparent substance to make any color you like!

5. Substitute your base coat nail polish

Base coats and protective nail polish is the best way on how to care for your nails. But every time you want to go for a bright color on your nails, try to do a layer of white nail polish underneath the color you’re going to use. This will make the color stand out more! You can either apply the white layer on the bare nail or after the base coat! Don’t ever place the color in your nails before a base coat or a white layer do avoid getting stained nails.


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