Here Is How You Can Make Your Home Smell Better!

Make your own scented smells


Creating your own scented smells is not really a very hard task, it is actually pretty entertaining. You should start by melting the unused wax or candles that you bought from the local craft store.

You can do it whether in a microwave (micro-safe container) or by using a double layered broiler. But before that, you have to glue a sturdy piece of string to the bottom of the bowl or the glass.

Once it is melted, mix it with vanilla, coffee beans, mint leaves, cinnamon pieces, or whatever you want it to smell like, and do it as quickly as possible. Pour the mixture you created into a bowl as you are holding the candle wick up. Wait till the wax thickens by holding it up, and your candle will be ready!

• If you want to add more amazing smells while making the candle look better, use a sliced pumpkin as the candle base.

• If you have a big house, then don’t hesitate to create multiple candles and make sure to experiment with all kinds. You will be surprised how enjoyable the process is going to be!

Create a herbal fire starter

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If you have a fireplace at home or a wood operator oven, then this tip will be great for you. It can also be beneficial if you went camping or just want to chill by the fire at night.

Before anything, make sure to have coffee filters and many dry spices and herbs. My favorite combination is apple peels, dried oranges, lavender, sprigs of cinnamon and rosemary. But you can choose whatever suits your taste.

With a handful of the mixture, stuff the coffee filters and use a thread and needle to sew the top opening closed. Otherwise, you can just tie it with a string. Throw it to the fire, and enjoy the amazing scent!



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