These Are the Life Hacks That Will Save Your Life


It is great to have an assortment of life hacks stashed away in your mind for when you will need them. It is of great importance, moreover, that you have some real life hacks in mind that will save your life when dire circumstances arise.

Therefore, we invite to read this article in which we’ve tried to put together a list of life hack that will help you keep your life intact in some situations. Some of these life hacks are related to giving you drinkable water and others have to do with keeping warm.

Moreover, you will find some life hacks that will help you next time you go fishing and other life hacks that will help you avoid frostbite recovery, as it will stop you from getting any frostbites in the first place.

There is a lot to learn from this article, so make sure that you read until the end to learn about all the real-life hacks that will help you enjoy your life for a long time to come.

#1 – Protect Your Lungs with a Bra


If you happen to be caught in a fire, God forbid, the essential thing that you need to do, as soon as you possibly can, is protect yourself from the fumes and smoke that will be filling the house.

One item that will do you an immense good is a bra, be it a strapless bra or a sports bra, or any other kind of bra. Grab for one, as soon as possible, and put it on your nose. The fabric will help filter some of the smoke out from the air you will be breathing.

#2 – Go Fishing Using a Can


Say, for example, that you are in the wilderness, that you feel hungry and that you have access to a river; however, you have no fishing rod around (there is no fishing rod rentals place) to with which to catch the fish—don’t worry, there’s a way to get you some fish to eat from the plenty of fish that exists in the river stream.

You don’t need the top fishing rods in the world, just an empty can: make a fishing hook using the tab of the can and use dental floss as the fishing line.

#3 – Put Baby Oil on Skin to Avoid Frostbite


In the winter, especially in places where the cold is extreme, the chances of getting frostbite rises. Therefore, if you live in a cold place, it is essential that you protect your skin against such a thing. One great way to do it is to use baby oil.

Baby oil ingredients create a thin layer of protection that will keep your skin safe from any case of frostbite. This is just one of the many awesome baby oil uses that exist. Make sure, therefore, that you have enough baby massage oil with you!


#4 – Warm Yourself Up Using Bubble Wrap

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Of course, you would love to have a bubble wrap roll and keep popping those tiny sacks of air until you’re fully satisfied. We would want to do that as well; however, bubble wrap can be used for other things as well.

If you are feeling cold, there is something called bubble wrap insulation that you can put to good use. If you start feeling cold, get some bubble wrap and wrap yourself inside it to stay warm. Make sure, therefore, that you check where to buy bubble wrap in bulk—cheap bubble wrap or otherwise.

#5 – Make a Candle Out of a Crayon

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If you find yourself out of candles but have enough crayons to write the word “crayon” on thousand times (you just love to buy bulk crayons!), then you can make candles out of those candles. You can use all crayon brands and crayon colors to light a fire.

Just take one, out some fire to it and it will burl like a candle for at least 30 minutes. This is essential if the lights go out in the house and you don’t find any candles to help you through the dark.

#6 – Use Leaves to Fill a Deflated Tire


Be it an exercise or a road bike you own, you are bound to get a flat tire during its lifetime. Sometimes, this can happen in the wilderness, a place in which a bike shop does not exist in which you can change your deflated tire.

However, rest assured that there is a way through which you can have your deflated tire up and running. The life hack is simple: just gather enough leaves to fill the tire and you are good to go. No need for the help of bike stores—at least for a while!


#7 – Treat Water Using Bleach

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If you find yourself needing some drinkable water but don’t have a clean water source, then you need to out this particular life hack to practice; that is to say, you need to read (right here!) about how to purify water with bleach!

How much bleach to purify water, you ask? Well, as bleach contains chlorine, which is the reason why purifying water with bleach works, you need to out to drops of it in the water that you want to purify, and you are good to go.

#8 – Use Nail Polish to Make Matches Waterproof


Some people know where to buy nail polish and they buy nail polish in bulk! They use it to polish their nails, of course, and become happy when they see their polished nails or show them to people.

However, nail polish is not just good for its obvious use; it has other uses. If you want to protect matches from water—if you want to make them waterproof, that is—you need to coat them with some nail polish and you will be good to go!

#9 – Unfreeze the Car Lock Using a Straw

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In places where the cold is extreme, even the lock on your car can become frozen, stopping you from fully inserting your key and unlocking the door. This happens to new cars and used cars alike.

Therefore, if you find yourself faced with this problem, all you need to do is grab a straw, put one end in your mouth and the other end on the lock, and blow. The hot air coming from your mouth will cause the ice to melt and you will be able to unlock your car door.

#10 – Use Chapstick to Treat Small Cuts


Small cuts are bound to happen to anyone, yourself included, and you need to be able to treat them and stop them from becoming infectious. Chapstick tubes can help you with that!

Chapstick ingredients can stop those small cuts from bleeding. Surely, you don’t have to buy bulk chapstick supplies or even the best chapstick brand. Just have one ready for use when you suffer from a small cut.

This has been our take on the best life hacks that can save your life. We made sure that we wrote about various things for which you can use life hacks, and we hope that we were able to deliver. Keep these life hacks in mind, therefore, for when you will need them the most.

Before you go, tell us in the comments below your favorite life hack of the ones we wrote about.



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