10 Extraordinary Alternative Uses for Onions

Last Updated on November 19, 2019

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The onions add magnificent flavors to the dishes, regardless of the fact they are part of French, Indian, Chinese or Italian food, among other types of cuisine.

However, there are many non-cooking uses for onions that will help you in the realization of your everyday tasks. Know 10 extraordinary alternative uses for onions that won’t make you cry… rather the opposite – we promise! Find out for what they are good for:


#1 – Removing Ink Stains or Burn Marks of Clothes

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Onions are often used to remove stains and eliminate burn marks of clothing caused by ironing, for example. The onion stain removal is a truly effective method, you can do the test by cutting an onion in half and rubbing it on the stain to see the results.

You can also squeeze the onion juice into a bowl and then apply it under the area you want to be treated. Let the liquid work for about 10 minutes and then wash your clothes as you normally do.

This cleaning procedure using the liquid of an onion is also commonly applied in the maintenance and cleaning of oil paintings since it removes all the dirt present in it and revives the color of the original paints.

#2 – Protecting and Helping With Hair Care


Onions are a very rich food rich in minerals, vitamins, and sulfur and all these compounds are extremely beneficial for the health of your hair. By the way, onion juice is one of the best home remedies to combat hair loss and increase hair follicle growth.

If you find that your hair is weaker than ever and is falling more than usual, it is a sign that you need a hair loss treatment – and nothing better than using onions.

How to Use Onion for boosting Hair Growth?

Onions are fantastic ingredients that can be used to prevent hair loss. To create a successful home hair treatment, you need to make a preparation with the liquid from the onions. You must complete the following steps:

• Cut one or more onions into pieces

• Put the onion pieces in a blender

• Keep the blender on until no pieces are left undone

• Strain the liquid into a bowl

Onion juice for hair growth stimulate hair growth and make your hair look better. You can simply massage the fresh onion juice into the scalp and hair and let it work for about 15 minutes. After this time is up, you can wash your hair as usual by using a shampoo.

This onion juice can be used against baldness to make hair grow faster or simply to have more abundant hair. This is because the sulfur that is present in the liquid of onions increases the production of collagen in tissues and aids in hair growth.

On the other hand, hair loss is also caused by the absence of high sulfur proteins, which leads to hair loss and brittleness.

#3 – Relieving the Pain of Bee Stings or Other Insects


The onion has a natural bactericidal effect that relieves the pains caused by bee stings or other insects such as spider, bedbug or mosquitos, among others.

To have the proper effect, onion juice should be applied where it has been bitten in order to reduce inflammation of the affected area and speed up the healing process.

The use of onion juice in the attacked area is extremely effective in eliminating bacteria and acts as a first aid agent that prevents the formation of infection.

#4 – Protecting and Caring For Your Skin

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We already know that onion juice is great for hair growth. But does it also act on the skin? Are onions good for your skin? What are its benefits? There are many onion benefits for the skin. Here are some amazing ones:

• Makes the Skin Glow

Onions are made up of vitamins A, C, E and they contribute to the health and protection of the skin, contributing to a cleaner and rejuvenated look.

• Fights the Effects of Aging

Vitamins A, C, E found in onions combat the damage caused by ultraviolet rays and protect the premature aging of the skin caused by free radicals. Onions are one of the richest sources of quercetin, one of the most effective antioxidants in burning dead cells and helping to keep skin wrinkle-free.

• Prevents Acne Formation

Onion juice is a powerful antiseptic that protects the skin against bacteria that cause acne and other skin infections, so onions are a great solution for treating acne and pimples, especially among teenagers.

• Removes Dark Age Spots

Onion juice is excellent for helping to get rid of dark spots, such as age spots. Its variety of phytonutrients and antioxidants helps in removing impurities and treating a uniform skin color.
Using apple cider vinegar (ACV) also speeds up the skin’s regeneration process, bringing new skin to the surface faster – combining onion and ACV for age spots produces in even better results.

#5 – Removing Rust from Metal Objects


Onions are very effective in combating rust on metal objects such as knives, scissors or other rusty objects. Onion juice acts and eliminates rust and gives your metal parts a new shine.


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