11 Useful And Unexpected Cleaning Tips Using A Dryer Sheet

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It is undoubtful that housekeeping cleaning is one of the hardest things you need to do around the house. Household cleaners need to spend a huge amount of time and effort on rubbing and scrubbing every mark and spot they come across.

That’s the reason why deep cleaning day could be a nightmare for many of us. If you are wondering why can’t I keep my house clean? Maybe the answer is that you are not doing things in a smart way.

There are many tips and hacks on how to manage cleaning your house that can exempt you from a lot of cleaning work, and make whole house cleaning something rather enjoyable.

In this article, we will show you how to run an affordable home cleaning using dryer sheets. Dryer sheets are not expected to be among cheap cleaning products, but once you know what they can do, you will always leave a pair in your basket.

Deodorant On Shirt

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How do you remove deodorant stains from shirts with ease? Simply use a dryer sheet. It is definitely annoying to leave the house with deodorant build up on your shirts; especially when your colleagues or coworkers start staring at your stains as if they were an infection.

But with this solution, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. You can use a dryer sheet as a quick and effective solution by rubbing them on the spots, and voila! No more stains.

Remove Crayon Marks

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Another question that is considered a dilemma for so many people while house cleaning is: how to get crayon out of fabric? True, crayon spots can get sticky and be hard to remove, and it is annoying to see marks of crayon on carpets, walls, and tabletops.

For all the people facing this problem, wipe off crayons using a clean dryer sheet and you will be satisfied when you see the mark disappear; just make sure you rub the marks lightly. This proves that a dryer sheet should always be in your home cleaning products basket.


Clean Your Iron


Having gunk on the plate of the clothes iron is just annoying, but not anymore with a dryer sheet. All you need to do is to simply put a dryer sheet on your ironing board, and make sure you adjust the heat settings to the lowest degree possible.

Wait for the iron to warm up and rub it over the dryer sheet. Keep on rubbing the iron until you notice that all the residue is eliminated and the plate is clear and clean.

Pet Dander Remover


It is true, we love our pets very much, and they can be a great source of our joy, but they can also be a source of annoying pet hair. Of course, it’s not their fault they keep on losing hair, but it is your responsibility to clean cats’ hair from carpet; and dogs’ as well.

Fortunately, it is not that hard to eliminate pet dander; all you need to do is to swipe dryer sheets across your lampshades, toys, furniture, and flooring.

Fix Scissors


In case you have sharp scissors, but they are not working as smoothly as they are supposed to, a dryer sheet can come for the rescue. In this case, you don’t have to bring a clean one; on the contrary, you just need to use an already used dryer sheet for the job.

Gently rub it over both of the blades of your scissors, and it will function as a lubricant to smooth the cutting and make it more effective.


Clean Bugs off Your Car


When we are driving at a fast speed, we must leave some victims on our windshield. Some Bugs are not fast enough to dodge the car, that’s why you’ll find many of them stuck on your windshield. And they usually get sticky and hard to remove.

You can clean these bugs by using a damp dryer sheet and gently scrub your windshield. The reason why it works so well is that the dryer sheet is abrasive enough to eliminate hard bug marks, but not to damage your car at the same time.

Remove and Repel Dust


Another reason why a dryer sheet should be a part of your home cleaning items is the great work it does with dust removal. Certainly, one of the things that require a lot of time and effort when housework cleaning is taking care of the dust.

However, dryer sheets can provide some relief on two levels: first, the sheets pick up dust. Second, they have the ability to repel dust later on by leaving a residue behind. You can use dryer sheets for all kinds of dusty surfaces such as electronics, cabinets, and baseboards.

Make Fire Starters


It is always a smart idea to find ways to recycle and reuse whatever items you have in your household that you usually throw in the garbage can.

For instance, we all toss away the cardboard tube from the toilet paper or paper towel, while it could be used for so many purposes such as DIY speakers and firestarters. To make the latter, put used dryer sheets into the cardboard (you can use dryer lint as well).

Fold the ends of the cardboard to keep the sheets inside. Then, you’ll have FIRE!! By lighting one end of this DIY firestarter.


Get rid of Soap Scum


Another tiresome house cleanup problem is soap scum. These unsightly spots may make us lose the excitement that we had when we wanted to start cleaning. However, cleaning should be done in a smart way, not in a hard one.

Use a damp dryer sheet and wipe off soap scum on your tile, sink, shower curtain, and shower door with ease. This way you will run excellent house cleaning for the bathroom and leave some energy for other things to clean around the house.

Soil Saver


One of the problems that plants’ lovers face when they try to take care of their plants is soil leakage. The majority of pots are designed with drainage holes at their bottoms, which are meant to let the water excess pass through.

However, the problem is that water takes a portion of soil with it every time it passes through the holes. That is why you should make sure you put a dryer sheet at the bottom of the pot; which will allow the water to leave and keep the soil.

Static hair


A dryer sheet can help you fight static hair. All you need to do is to rub it on your hair or on the inside of the hat you are planning to wear. This will make you avoid having that annoying static hair look when you take off your hat.

One more thing, make sure you are using a clean dryer sheet and you don’t have them mixed up; you don’t want to have a residue of anything on your hair and create problems instead of solving them.



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