Is Your Cornstarch Just For Cooking? Find Out More

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Not everything labeled for kitchen use is confined to the kitchen. Your household, in general, includes plenty of things that you can use everywhere around your house. Your kitchen, for instance, contains ingredients which can be used in making cleaning solutions for example.

You may be surprised to hear that your cornstarch is not used only in cooking, but also in other tasks outside your kitchen. You could use your cornstarch to untangle stuck knots, make a splendid nail polish and soothe sunburns.

The cornstarch powder stored in boxes is actually made of a corn kernel. Ancient Egyptians were among the first ones to use starches in making multiple cosmetic and adhesive products in around 1000 BC.

The starch they used to have was not necessarily derived from corn; they used different grains. Keep reading until the very end to discover 15 situations in which cornstarch is useful.

Thickening Agent


A nice saucy meal can’t do without a good preparation of the sauce. It is not just a question of adding ingredients and spices. Not at all! It is about choosing the ingredients that are likely a tasty combination plus the thickness of the sauce.

Yes, that is right! What makes a good butter chicken sauce, Thai curry sauce or a keto pasta sauce is its thickness. With the addition of a few spoons of your cheap cornstarch to your dish, you can influence the texture of your sauce.

Take a bowl, add a little of water and some cornstarch, then mix all the ingredients to be added to your sauce while cooking.

Making Fluffy Omelets

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First of all, you got to avoid consuming premade omelets or frozen omelets for they are absolutely unhealthy. Homemade meals are always the best and healthiest options for a healthy lifestyle.

You can fix a delicious omelet at home, using 2 or 3 eggs, some spinach, pepper, salt, and some garlic. The secret behind the delicious taste lies in the fluffiness of the omelet itself.

One-fourth teaspoon of cornstarch mixed together with an egg or two, bet and cooked can make tasty, fluffy omelet. It is a healthy morning start.

Skin Irritation


Summer is on the way! Do you know what that means? Yes, more days at the beach and under the shining sun. Do you usually consider the effects of sun rays on your body after spending hours, lying on the sandy beach?

Maybe, you should do that from now and on. Your skin may suffer from serious irritation as a result of sunburns and other skin reactions. The best skin irritation treatment you can use at home to calm and sooth the irritations is cornstarch.

Take some cold water and add 3 tablespoons of cornstarch to form a thick paste. Apply it on your skin, using a gauze pad or a cotton ball. Let the paste set on your skin until it dries, then wash it away with warm water.

Removing Oil Stains


The most stubborn stains are the oily ones. Clothes which are stained with oil shouldn’t be tossed into your washing machine without getting rid of the stains first. You can use a concrete stain remover, but it may not be as effective as expected.

In order to remove the black grease stains on clothes, you could use cornstarch. Several housekeepers swear by its efficiency in dealing with oily smears and spills.

What you have to do is putting some cornstarch on the stains, let it set for 2 hours or less, then remove the cornstarch to put your stainless clothes in the washing machine.

Bleach Pen


There is one word which can describe the unique usefulness of bleach pens which is MAGICAL. In fact, bleach pens can be used in various situations.

Despite having many people suspected the usefulness of bleach pens, they are still useful in crafting, decorating, removing stains and cleaning the ring around the collar.

And yes, you can use your bleach pen to clean grout as well. These are just few practical uses of bleach pens. In fact, you can make your own bleach pen with just some cornstarch.

Detangling Knots

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Cats are really good at this, aren’t they? They completely enjoy playing with a ball of wool and trying to detangle the knots. Humans don’t have much of this skill, but if you got a knot; how would manage to detangle it? Untying a knot is pretty defying.

However, if you sprinkle some cornstarch and rub in it on the knot, you may easily untie it. How does it really work? Basically, the friction, existing between the rope’s fibers will be reduced thanks to the quick effects of cornstarch. This way, the knot will become easier to untie.

Homade Face and Finger Paint

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Do you like painting? Do you like spending time with your little ones, painting and drawing? Well, in this case, you might need more paint than you think. You can make your own homemade paint, but not the yellow exterior paint or the outside wall paint.

You can make the kind of paint which you can use to draw cutie butterflies on your kid’s face. Just boil little of water with some cornstarch until you get a thick paste. You can add some food coloring to make finger paint.

Matte Nail Polish


Do you like matte nail colors on your fingers? It is the trend anyway these days. Most shops would sell good matte nail polish, but the prices are strikingly expensive.

Yet, don’t worry, you can enjoy a cheap matte nail polish on your fingers; a cheap one that you can make at home. Cornstarch is the basic ingredient needed to make good matte nail polish.

Grab a piece of paper or a post-it note, put some cornstarch and add few drops of your usual nail polish, then mix everything together. You are supposed to apply the mixture promptly on your nails.

Cleaning Your Playing Cards

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Do you like playing cards? It is said that chess and cards are two games which interest only intelligent and wise people. Do you think that is true? It could be. If you like playing cards on Sundays with your friends, then the cards must be looking grimy.

This means that they need a bit of cleaning. Grab a ziploc bag that you no longer use nor need, place in the playing cards, add some cornstarch, then shake the bag. The dirt and grease will be lifted. All that you have to do is wiping the cards dry to get rid of the excess.

Cleaning Stuffed Animals


Only mums can understand how troublesome it is to keep their kids’ stuffed animals clean and sanitized. It is a lot of work to do every now and then to remove the dust and debris on such stuff.

As a kid, you must have had plenty of stuffed animals; maybe you still have some in your bedroom so far. You can’t put them in the washing machine because they may take ever to dry. Your only alternative solution is your cornstarch.

Take a big bag and put the teddy bears in, then seal it but only after adding some cornstarch. Leave them in overnight. Take your stuffed animals out of the bag the next morning.

Bug Bites


One of the essential things that you need to pack before going on any trip or even picnic is bug bite zapper. It is pretty useful if you are considering spending few days camping in the wilderness. Bugs and insects of all sorts can attack you.

In case it is too late to use a bug bite zapper, cornstarch can be helpful in cleaning, drying and mitigating the itchiness of the bug bite. You can make a thick paste with 3 tablespoons of cornstarch and little of cold water. Apply the paste on the bite area with a cotton ball or a gauze pad.

Freshening Musty Books

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Have you ever smelled old books? Did you like the smell or was it too terrible to tolerate? Well, believe it or not, there are people who love that kind of smell. It is a sort of smell that takes you back in time to the ages when that book was first written and published.

It is a smell that triggers your sense of curiosity and motivates your imaginations. In fact, that is why many people like to collect old and historic books.

However, there are others who can’t stand that kind of smell. If you are one of these, cornstarch can help in getting rid of the smell. Just add a sprinkle to freshen up your books.

Polishing Silver

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Old English mansions and properties of wealthy families who resided there for years are quite attractive buildings from the outside as well as the inside. Apart from the mesmerizing, imperial architecture, inside these mansions exist all sorts of silver decorations, furniture, cookware and utensils.

We all know how English people pay so much heed to table etiquette which involves the how and the when of using specific utensils. If you got any of these in silver, cornstarch with little of water can clean them. Prepare the paste and damp a piece of cloth in it, then apply it on your silver utensils.

Athlete’s Foot


That is weird word, but a quite common condition among athletes in particular. It is condition of smelly feet, which occurs as a result of the fungus, found in the foot’s skin. It grows quickly in wet and warm spots such as sweaty shoes.

That is why athletes are the ones who are mostly affected by this condition. To avoid it, you need to sprinkle some cornstarch in the shoe. You could leave it in for one whole night. The cornstarch will absorb the moisture. This way, you will get rid of the athlete’s smelly feet.

Scented Milk Bath


After a long day at work, a hot bath can make you feel comfortable. A hot bath can, in fact, be quite useful to relief your body from stress and exhaustion. You will also notice that you will have a warm night of sleep. If you add some cornstarch to your bathtub, you can enjoy a healthy, milky bath. It will nourish your skin and reduce dryness and itching. This is a special treat for your dry skin in winter in particular.

Take into consideration the 15 abovementioned practical uses of cornstarch and tell us what you think. It is noteworthy that colored cornstarch should be preferably avoided. The regular one can do just fine. Interested in more tips? Share with us your positive feedback!


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