7 Life-Saving Hacks That Will Make Your Household Chores Easier

There is only 1% of the world population that enjoy doing household chores, and by 1% we mean Monica Geller from the popular series Friends, and she is not even a real person.

The majority of people don’t like doing any chores because as much as it is necessary, it is still an annoying, boring, and hard process to follow, especially if you need to do it daily.

This is why we are in constant search for ways and hacks that will help make them easier and a little enjoyable. Basically, we just need the motivation to do them happily, or the motivation to just do them…

Anyway, we have collected some of the best life hacks that can truly make many household chores easier, and surprisingly, they make it fun – Because you will not be doing most of them!


Get rid of the wrinkles


Ironing the wrinkles on our favorite shirts is the most annoying thing we can deal with during the day. Not only that, the wrinkles will be back as soon as we make our way outside, and of course, we can’t take the iron with us wherever we go.

To get rid of them easily, you can just add 2 or 3 ice cubes in the dryer with one or two of your wrinkled clothes, and then put it in the hottest setting.

The ice will soon turn to steam that can effectively take care of all the wrinkles. However, this trick will not work with heavier clothing, but it will work like magic with lighter fabrics. The best part is you will not even need more than 10 minutes for it to work!

Embrace the vinegar

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The acid you keep in your fridge can be a superstar on chores day:

• Stop scrubbing the cloudy drinking glasses that do not want to come clean, just add a little white vinegar and all the stubborn stains will be gone.

• The white vinegar can get rid of the coffee carafe, dirty faucets, and stained showerhead. Just dunk it in a rag and clean as usual. You can also put a little vinegar in a plastic bag with the showerhead and leave it overnight.

• You can clean the dirty blinds without taking them down. Simply, pour the vinegar in a bowl, wear a sock in your hand, dip it into the vinegar, and then wipe the blinds.

The broken glass


It is very possible to drop glasses on the floor, and that’s when you know that a new chore has just been added to your day. Cleaning the broken glass off the floor is not easy because you could easily miss a piece or two, and you know how dangerous that could be, especially if you have kids or pets.

Well, just take a piece of bread, put a little water on it, and then place it where the remaining pieces of glass are. All the tiny pieces will embed in the bread and you will not risk cutting your fingers or toes in the process.

The foggy mirrors!


Whether you want the fogginess out of the mirror or you just want to clean your mirror because it is dirty: Apply your traditional shaving cream on the dirty/foggy mirror and wipe it down with a paper towel.


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