Here Are The 7 Unexpected Uses of Baby Shampoo

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We are all on the lookout for ways to economize more money and time throughout our-day-to-day life. Usually, the shelter we seek is embodied in life hacks.

Experienced and creative-minded housekeepers present bouquets of tips and hacks through coming up with hundreds of uses of one single item. Can you imagine? The main condition is that the use should be handy and effective.

Let us take baby shampoos as an example to study. Before receiving their babies, many parents spend a fortune on baby skincare products of all kinds from popular brands like Aquaphor Baby Wash & Shampoo, Aveeno Baby Wash & Shampoo, Johnson’s Baby Naturals Shampoo, and the likes.

What parents might not be aware of is the fact that the baby care products they bought have extra uses in addition to the primary indicated use. In the same line of thought, you are about to be introduced to some of the extra uses of baby shampoo.

Warning: the following tips are just to guide you; it is up to you to decide what is best to you, especially the some of the coming up hacks involve your health.


Baby Shampoo used in washing in your face


Instead of using regular soaps and other chemical products to wash your face, use baby shampoos. According to the labels on such items, they are considered to be chemical-free products based on the information provided by the manufacturer.

Baby shampoos are meant to be gentle on the skin of your baby, and so they will be on yours. This is the extra beauty routine tip that is going to help you have a glowing and soft skin.

So next time, someone preaches you on how to wash your face by using chemically loaded products, recommend the best baby shampoo as an alternative.

Baby shampoo used as an adhesive bandage remover

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If you are practicing any sorts of sports that include physical risk, you have probably plenty of bruises on legs, arms and knees. If you have a bruised knee, you need to clean the bruise first and place the bandage afterward.

When it is time to remove the bandage, just ripping it off is going to cause you extra pain. Luckily, there is a way to remove the bandage painlessly by using baby shampoo as a bandage adhesive remover.

Just put few drops on the bandages adhesive, and then scrub them on it. Remove the bandage gently; you will feel nothing. This is an excellent and painless way to remove bandages from kids’ bruises.

Baby shampoo used as sinuses’ clearer


If you ask an ordinary person on how to clear your sinuses, s/he will likely advise you to use a neti pot. We do recommend the use of neti pot to clear your sinuses and avoid issues like snoring in your sleep.

But be careful, the overuse of such items can complicate things and become dangerous. Be always moderate! Next time, you want to boost the effectiveness of your neti pop, add a drop of baby shampoo. This is said to be capable of preventing a sinus issue.

P.S: we urge you to be careful when it comes to letting certain substances access your system.

Baby shampoo used in treating minor eye inflammation


Certain bacteria can trigger particular eyes inflammations, ranging from major to minor. When the condition of your eye inflammation is labeled as dangerous and major; medical assistance is needed and so is a doctor’s supervised eye inflammation treatment.


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