Here Are 5 Handy & Easy Hacks For A Cleaner Laundry

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If we are to dwell on every single issue we face when proceeding with our house cleaning routine, we might need the whole day to explain every issue independently. That is why we always like to break down things into parts; accordingly, we address every issue briefly.

This time, it is the turn of laundry again! Despite the fact that our households do house few laundry appliances, our daily struggle with cleaning the laundry effectively without resorting to the expensive laundry service continues to persist.

So how would we manage to clean the dirty laundry successfully? Would we just toss the clothes into our LG, Haier or Whirlpool machine? The answer to the latter is definitely no!

we need to use the right cleaning solutions, separate clothes based on color and take into account few more details. For greater assistance, here are 5 handy laundry hacks to enjoy a clean laundry!

#1 – Hack n°1: Shoe-drying without noise


Where do you usually clean your Nike, Adidas, Vans, or Air Jordan sneakers? Do you just place them in your Bosch washing machine to be washed? Well, most people clean them in their washers, but the real issue pops up when you have to dry them.

The question here is how to dry shoes in the dryer without having to listen to that noise of banging and kicking?

Well, drying shoes in dryer shall become easier if you abide by the following hack next time: take the end of the shoes’ laces and tie them together; let the knot outside the dryer’ door, then close the latter.

You can apply the same hack if you want to place your shoes in a bag. Next time someone asks you about how to dry shoes without noise, refer him or her to this tip!

#2 – Hack n°2: Grease stains’ removing from clothes

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Stains are the worst thing to deal with when cleaning the dirty laundry. Using a strong stain remover or the proper cleaning products is often not enough, especially when the stains are greasy. So how to remove grease stains from clothes effectively?

Let us find out together! Take a piece of chalk and use it in rubbing the spots stained with grease. Note that the rubbing should be done on both sides of the grease-stained clothes. All you have to do next is letting the chalk sit on the concrete stains.

The grease will be absorbed by the chalk. Wait for few hours until it does, remove the excess and put the clothes in the laundry machine together with the right laundry detergent. Share this tip with your friends who wonder about how to remove grease stains effectively!

#3 – Hack n°3: Colors’ preserving


Deceived by the idea that the colors of their clothes would remain bright, many people opt for laundry pick up service or drop off laundry service, thinking that such services can preserve the colors of their gowns. This could be true but why spend money on a service you can do for yourself?

We do admit that washing white clothes is tricky. But the key answer to how to wash white clothes safely and properly is the addition of salt (1/2 cup) to the washing cycle.

Your white blouses from Calvin Klein or Versace will remain white, and the colors of your colored clothes will be brightened up.
P.S: the sun’s UV keeps the whites white as well!

#4 – Hack n°4: Fluffy & soft towels’ keeping

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Often, when you end up reserving a room in luxurious hotels, you access the room and touch the room’ towels, you go like: ‘OMG! These feel just like soft baby towels! Wow!’Right after this comes the big question, which is about how to make towels soft again in your own house.

The good news is that you don’t have to ponder upon this any longer, for we got the solution. In the process of cleaning towels, make sure you run two cycles. In the 1st cycle, all that should be added is 1 cup of white vinegar (the cycle should be run on hot water).

The 2nd cycle should include a cup of baking soda (the cycle should be also run on hot water). This is the key secret of how to keep towels soft, for vinegar and baking soda can remove any residue of old fabric softeners.

#5 – Hack n°5: Homemade fabric softener making

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The aims of laundry hacks can be summarized in two points: effective cleaning results and money-saving. Accordingly, next time you go shopping for cleaning supplies with the cleaning supplies list in hand, take into account that you can make your own cleaning solutions at home.

For instance, instead of purchasing a downy fabric softener, you could use a homemade fabric softener you can make on your own. The primary ingredients you need are one liter of white vinegar and few drops of essential oil of your choice.

Add the mixed solution to your load of clothes and enjoy the aroma of your favorite essential oil in your clothes.

Do you have any other laundry tips or hacks in mind? Don’t hesitate to share them below in a comment!


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