The 10 Easy Habits That Will Help You Be More Organized

By now, you must have already noticed that life is extremely hectic. You feel like everything is happening at once making everything messy, so messy to the point you feel like giving up, dropping everything, sit in a corner and watch everything pile up till a miracle happens.

You need to understand that organized people were not born organized, they have mastered a few healthy habits that help them stay at the top of their game and it is time to be one of them, too!

If you have the will to be organized, then you will find it easy to adapt to the new lifestyle, and you will notice how easy your life will become, especially in the long run.

You can then stare at life’s messiness in the eye knowing that it can’t beat you. We may not have been born with the skill, but we were definitely born with the capacity to be better than whoever we were in the past.


Write everything down


Do you have a friend who never forgets a birthday and sends holiday cards every year? He or she doesn’t have a special memorization skill nor had a spell put on them. If you count on your memory to be organized, then you will never be one!

I mean, how can you remember all of those reminders and dates? You will just be taking a short cut into a more complicated life.

Always keep a paper and a pen with you that will help you remember things, or you can use the power of technology and start writing anything that comes to your mind in your smartphone: Holiday gifts, shopping list for groceries, meetings, important dates, and birthdays.

Make deadlines and schedules


Organized people understand that staying organized and being productive can’t be separated. They are constantly making schedules for every day and week, they set goals, they make deadlines, and they stick to them.

If you are following a cluttered lifestyle, then you will never have time to achieve your goals or even make it to your deadlines.

You can start by creating a bucket list, add the things you want to achieve this year, and then write down every step you need to make to achieve it. But sticking to it is the most important step!

Stop procrastinating

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We have all been there and we are all aware that the longer we wait to get something done, the more difficult it will be to even start it. Your life will eventually be a lot more demanding and stressful, making it impossible for you to even breathe.

This is why you need an organization plan as soon as you can by putting an effort to do things as soon as possible. Trust us, you will feel so much better that way as the heavyweight will be lifted from your shoulders.

As a start, you can write down one of the things that need to be organized, add the time when it needs to be done, and what you need to do to get it done. Can it be done today or right now? Then go ahead and do it!

Create a home for everything

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If you don’t have a home, then it will be easy (and predictable) to get lost. This is why you need to give everything a home where you will always find them and make sure they are being put in their proper places.

You can start labeling the storage spaces and storing all of your items properly in places you know you’ll never lose them. Make sure to place the things you use constantly in easy-to-access storage spaces, and don’t let it get messy.

You have a chance to be creative about finding the proper places for your things, and no, don’t create storage with the label “miscellaneous”.

Clean the mess regularly


You need to find time every single week to organize your home and your life. Those who are organized know the importance of decluttering each week because once you allow things to pile up, you will be back to the messiness again that you can’t fix easily.

Remember that things will not stay organized on their own; they need constant and continuous care. So make sure to free your time, have at least one hour or two to organize everything, and make sure everything is being put to place.


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