Last Updated on April 15, 2021

People who think domestic work doesn’t count as actual work have no idea how hard it is to organize a home! Between your daily routine, your kids, your pets, or just your poor organizational skills, it can be tough to keep things tidy and decluttered. But that’s why we are here! Instead of teaching you how to organize your home quickly, we will provide you with the best home organization tips room by room so that you can do it slowly but properly. Ready to get your house in order?

1. Let’s start with the bedroom

Your bedroom is supposed to feel like your personal oasis – a place where you can feel relaxed and at peace. Experts claim that having a messy bedroom can negatively impact the quality of your sleep. To prevent that, the bedroom is the first room you should address. Start by organizing your closet – fold your clothes like a pro, hang your coats, organize it by color, we don’t care. But make it look like a fancy department store instead of a bargain bin, ok? Many organization apps can help you with that. As you sort through your clothes, try to let go of the things you never wear anymore and that are just taking up your precious closet space. After getting rid of your closet mess, it’s time for a deep clean and, who knows, maybe a makeover? Maybe check Pinterest for some cute room organization ideas and inspiration.

2. Your kid’s bedrooms

Having kids can be a huge blessing for parents, but cleaning their rooms is most certainly not. You must educate your kids to clean after themselves from an early age. But you can make this job easier on yourself and them if you get kid-friendly storage boxes in which they can throw their toys, for example. You can also make the room “childproof,” locking drawers and cabinet doors to keep them from scattering their clothes all around the room.

3. Now the kitchen

Depending on what type of “chef” you are, your kitchen can either be heaven or hell. When organizing your kitchen, start with the counters. Try to leave as much room as possible and avoid cluttering the whole counter with kitchen gadgets. This way, it will be easier to clean up after yourself whenever you prepare your meals. Then, move over to the cabinets and drawers. Once again, take some time to declutter your kitchen and get rid of the things you don’t use. As for the things you do use, try to keep them at hand to make your kitchen as functional as possible.

4. Time for the family room

The family room is a place for relaxation, and it’s everyone’s job to keep it tidy and organized. State some rules with your family members or roommates to try and keep this room as clean as possible, or you’ll find yourself cleaning it every other day. Use the first thirty minutes to do a quick renovation and rearrange the furniture to make the space feel larger. Then, take the motivation you just gained and start tackling mess by mess. Try to keep this room as practical as possible. Avoid any excessive decorations, keep your kid’s toys in a basket, and say goodbye to any unnecessary clutter that only makes it hard to dust around. You’ll see just how much time you’ll save on cleaning this room after making these changes.

5. The playroom

If you have a designated room in which your kids play, this is probably the most chaotic room in your house, right? First things first: check to see which toys your kid plays with and donate the ones they don’t use anymore. They are probably just throwing them around and creating an unnecessary mess. Then, equip this room with bins and baskets so your kids can have the autonomy to put their toys away easily.

6. The bathroom

Cluttered bathrooms can be a total nightmare, and if you share a home with children or even messy adults, it can be even worse. The best way to deal with this mess is to start from scratch. Take EVERYTHING you have in your bathroom and put it in a box. Then, engage in some deep therapeutic cleaning, and after you are done, it’s time to reorganize your items. Take a look at what you have in that box: what does belong in the bathroom? After putting back the things you need and getting rid of every unnecessary item, you will feel quite accomplished!


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